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After 5 days of minimal symptoms after commencing bisoprolol AF has come back with a vengeance. Episodes for the last 4 days and today was

laid low most of the day. Fortunately, I am seeing cardiologist / electrophysiologist at Papworth on Wednesday. This will be my first consult since my initial appointment. What should I expect? Any advice? Also experiencing ectopics and heartbeat is irregular all the time. Thanks for any comments.

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Ditto here. Bisoprolol did nothing for me except make me feel poorly and slooooow. It works for many but not me. EP took me off them and found a drug that works, after 3 goes at others, all rhythm control drugs, not beta-blockers.

Hope it goes well



I was given 2.5, 5 and then 10 mg of Bisoprolol. Its effects evolved over time. Sometimes I felt well and then I'd be tired and breathless. Eventually I had trouble walking,I couldn't stride out and my legs felt wobbly.

I suggest that you make a list of your symptoms before your appointment so that you don't forget anything. A diary list showing frequency of problems is useful. I detail nightly bp and hr.


Hello Scorer ( we need you for England!!). Anyway I too have ectopics and irregular beats as well as Paroxysmal AF . I have been to Papworth Recently . The Parking is a complete nightmare due to building work . When you go on Wednesday be prepared ie have all the questions ready and document any symptoms such as , what you experienced - what you were doing -how you felt etc etc . The Consultants are at the top of their game so I believe your in good hands , but talk to them about what you want from your consultation as they are very busy people so you need to connect straight away . Hope it goes well for you . Cheers Michael :-))


hi scorer I take bisoprolol for PAF also flecainide I have noticed muscle aches and tired most of time and still get regular aggressive PAF episodes one thing that I would like to share with you and others with this very frightening condition it may be just coincidence but after being in AF for 13 hours and due to hot weather I filled a glass with ice and a small amount of water and sipped for about 10 mins and AF went on the next bout of AF did this at start of attack and it went within 10 mins. the shortest I have ever had would rather not have another attack to try this out but I would be interested to hear if this has any benefit to anyone else .ps having ablation on 2nd of july my EF said it will be straightforward and last about one and a half hours under GA. with a short down time but after reading some peoples experiences wondering whether I should proceed Best wishes and Hazel


Thanks for tip. Will try the ice treatment next AF episode. Saw cardiologist today and finally got diagnosis. Atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter. Apparently I am in flutter most of the time with episodes of atrial fibrillation up to 3 x daily. This is according to 72 hour holter monitor. Knew things were pretty bad but not this bad. Anyway, am to have two ablation procedures together. One on right atrium to treat flutter and one on left to treat fibrillation. Both should take about 4 hours so am having a general anaesthetic. Will have to wait about 2-3 months for procedures. Until then doc has added anticoagulants and flecainide to help with symptoms until procedure. Hoping it will help. By the way I am 62, female and have had the problem for 3 months. Don't think I have any alternative than to go ahead with the ablations as life is on hold at the moment. What is giving you cause for concern leader? Do share your worries. Doc has told me he is almost 100% sure he can sort the flutter and has given me a 75% chance of success with the atrial fibrillation procedure. Think these are pretty good odds. Thanks for reply.


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