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What do i do now?

I had cardioversion on 3 June and after one shock i was back in normal rhythm. Yesterday i started to get breathless again and have had a fair few palpitations. Used the Arythmia Aliance ap on my mobile and it shows that i am slipping back into AF. Not constant like before but i had about 5/6 episodes yesterday and one this morning so far. What do I do now? My clinic appointment with the Cardiologist is not till mid August. My doctor I guess will just say wait to see Cardiologist? No one said what i am supposed to do if i slip back.

Im still on Warfarin 4mg a day and diltiziem, Stopped the digoxin as instructed by the hospital three days before cardioversion and was told not to take it again.

Should i call the doc and get another ECG done, though as i say it's not all the time now? I kind of feel a bit lost.

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Hi Tiredand confused, Oh what a disappointment for you. If I were you I would definitely go see your GP as soon as possible. If you can't get an appointment ask for an urgent telephone consult, my GP will always call me back the same day when I do that. I would think you do need to get another ECG, hopefully your GP will do that when you see him.


Sadly this is all too common as cardioversion is seldom a "cure" for AF. It merely proves that you can be put back into NSR therefore making ablation a possibility. Do chase you doctor and see if it is possible to bring forward the cardio appointment. .



I would ring the hospital where you had your cardioversion carried out, tomorrow morning, and ask to speak to an arrithymia nurse.


Hi Tiredandconfused

Sadly cardioversins seldom seem to stick for very long unless you are may I say very "young".

I think the only long term successes we have seen reported have been youngsters often gone into AF from over-training or endurance athletes.

it's fairly usual for them to try this first, after all it's a relatively risk free procedure, and I hazard a guess at not very expensive, but you are now likely to have to consider other treatments.

Go back and see the cardio, as Bob says the good news is that you can be cardioverted, this bodes well for other treatments.

Be well



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