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Two weeks on

Hi All - thought I would give you a progress report 16 days on from the ablation that I had. The heart has behaved well so far apart from the occasionally periods of fluttering or ectopic heart beats none of which have lasted very long or given cause for concern. My problem is the dreadful lack of energy I seem to have and periods of breathlessness. Also my voice still sounds rather horse and squeaky but I was told to expect this as one of the catheter leads passed very close to a sensitive of the Oesophagus. In general I am getting back to a normal daily routine and have started driving myself wherever I need to go. Thanks to all for support in the past.

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Well done but don't e too eager to rush into things. Just because you don't have a big zip up the front doesn't mean your heart hasn't had a good kicking. Relax and take time to recover.


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Good to hear that you are doing well. As Bob says, relax and give yourself time to recover. After my first ablation it must have taken almost 3 weeks before I started getting my energy back. Keep us informed.


Well done and good luck with your recovery. Are you on any medication? Keep us posted.


All sounds good, apart from the voice - I hope that mends soon! Take it easy, is the advice everyone always gives and I'm sure they're right..


Many thanks for the update. I had my PVI last week and I've very little energy still, so it's reassuring to read that this is normal and it can take up to a few weeks to fully recover. Also, the procedure left me with a dry cough, which I've been told will soon clear up. Take care.


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