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Waking up Breathless

For the past two weeks I have been waking up in the night and also very early in the morning, really breathless.

I am always a bit breathless when walking but cannot understand how I can be so short of breath just sleeping. I have an adjustable bed and do have the top raised quite a bit.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated please.

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Hi Enjoy. Sorry to hear this.

I would suggest you contact your GP and tell them of your plight. This breathing episodes might be indicative of problems arising, assuming AF is involved or not.


When I was taking 10mg of Bisoprolol and woke up with AF I was sometimes breathless just turning over in bed. Is it the medication?


Hi Enjoy,

It could be obstructive sleep apnea, which is very common with AF. Apparently the syptoms are that you wake up a bit breathless. There are online tests to indicate the likelihood of you having OSA (google OSA test).



i agree- the test is easy- an oximeter on your finger tip for the night!


I just wrote a post about the same issue , but I didn't mentioned that I'm having that at night or after wake up early morning

Currently I'm AF and SVT free , no medication , just ectopic beats but shortness of breath is really bad , the strange thing that while walking or activities it is a lot better

Can I ask what is your diagnosis?


Thank you for your responses. The answer to your question Maitha is that I have Paroxymal AF and COPD/Asthma.

I took a puff of Ventolin just before going to bed last night and it was much better.


Enjoy, do you normally have a problem with fluid retention? I do & when i wake breathless it is a good indication that i have fluid in my lungs.

Hope your GP can find an answer for you.


I have Restrictive Lung Disease as well as AF and have sleep apnea episodes. The heart tablets could make a difference when you are going into heavy sleep and the body/breathing slows down but maybe a little too far?

I am always doing a balancing act with my tablets as they affect the two main conditions I have.


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