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Vagal non-arrhythmia

This is just an observation about what I assume is vagal arrhythmia.

Without drugs, I have a constant and symptomatic arrhythmia (not AF) and without fail I get pronounced heart wobbles a few minutes after eating a meal. Six months' ago I was put on Disopyramide which has stopped the symptoms. My pulse has gone from being constantly all over the place to a strong, steady beat, if anything a bit too strong and almost unreal. And I no longer get wobbles after eating, the drugs are so strong or working so well.

But now, on the drugs, instead of the wobbles after eating, I feel a pressure being applied to my heart; like someone sticking their thumb in and leaving it there, pushing. Almost a mild stabbing but constant, I'd be quite scared if I hadn't linked it to eating ( thanks to this forum :-) ). I assume this must be the vagal "mechanism" trying to kick my heart into an arrhythmia, but the drugs are stopping it.

Thought that might be interesting, maybe not!


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Hi Koll and yes very interesting. I did mention a while back that I had some really bad ectopic clusters which went after I had seen my Bowen Practitioner, Bowen Technique is a strange form of reflexology crossed with gentle manipulation and I had been seeing him for sciatica when I mentioned my ectopics. He offered to do some work to sooth the vagus nerve and when I stopped taking my propafanone a few days later as I had a 24 hour monitor appointment the ectopcs had gone. Coincidence or not it may be worth investigating that sort of treatment.

The sciatica I still have but not as bad as it now comes and goes . Paroxysmal sciatica I guess. lol


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G'day Koll,

I understand perfectly what you say as much reflects my own experiences over the last 4 and half years. I am not in any way medically/scientifically qualified to comment - BUT - in my experience yes it is the vagal mechanism at work. The pressure I felt on the heart was considerable, it followed a meal and went hand in hand with massive and painful bloating. In the months leading up to my association of my AF event and food I went to a Acupuncturist and he commented constantly on the strength of my heart beat, in fact so strong it worried him. Nowadays it is very gentle, but, then I'm into my 3rd year of food controls :-) Matter of interest Acupuncture didn't work for me.

Good luck,

Aussie John


Hi John, I told my EP's registrar about my strong heart beat and that it was usually around 90-100 resting. He said he wasn't worried about either, but didn't ask if I was worried !!!

Thanks Bob, I'm going to try a Bowen person for my neck. Found one locally, an ex-NHS physio. I'll mention my ticker when I get there and see what she says.



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