Swollen hands, and turning white from 2nd joint to tips of fingers in both hands

Hello, does anybody else get above when out for a decent walk on flat or hill. It's almost like a line has been drawn on my hands and anything above is white and below swollen. If I keep going my arms from elbows will become painful. It does disappear when I sit down and rest for 20 mins or so. It makes no differ whether cold or warm. Oddly just realised it does not happen when using my walking pole's. Maybe because my arms are more elevated. I wonder ! Does this experience ring any alarm bells to you please ?

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  • Sounds like you may have Reynauds disease, which I believe is quite common and as far as I know nothing to worry about. I know two people that have it.

  • Thanks for feedback. I have been concerned it's down to Sotalol ?

  • Doesn't sound like the soltalol to me

  • After doing some research about Raynaud's I found if it starts after about 40 and above it's usually a symptom of something else and found beta blockers can bring it on (not that I am an expert only a reader). I am having doubts that a lot of my symptoms are not symptoms but side effects. I have one of those GP 's who wants evidence and proof to change or refer me on to any specialists. I appreciate I could change docs but there is something to be said about the devil you know.

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