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Resting Heart rate and blood pressure

This is more an observation than a question. My normal bp is around 120/60 and my resting heart rate 58/60 - with help from medication.

Last night I noticed things a bit "bumpy" in my chest and my readings were 164/78 and heart rate 74. I was resting but I was watching my team QPR trying to get to Wembley for the play off finals. I proved you don't need exercise to jump things up a bit.

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I remember a conference presentation on things to stress your heart a few years ago. ,It is not so much the activity as the novelty of such activity. So for example (and please no shouts of sexism), washing a car for a man was mild exertion whilst vacuum cleaning the house was high stress and vice versa for ladies. He also touched on love making and claimed this was mild exertion hardly worth worrying about. Several people in the audience begged to differ claiming that it all depends on who---. wife or mistress, husband or lover. I am unable to comment on that! lol



"He also touched on love making and claimed this was mild exertion hardly worth worrying about." I wonder if he thought of that or whether that is what his wife said :-)

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I can bring my systolic and diastolic BP down 20 units and arrhythmia back to regular by the relaxation technique of touching and untouching the five finger tips together in turn while breathing to a count of 1 2 3 breaths while tog. and 1 2 breaths while untouching. I must add that the BP was from 140 to 120 and the arrhythmia fairly mild. Some-one out there may find this helpful! Best wishes to all , Ann


Every time Wolves are playing, my readings go soaring up to the 180/72 area! Gone back to a normal 136/48 since they became champions of division one! Supporting QPR would surely produce the same effect, I would think, Enjoy!


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