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I had an EP study yesterday.... Atrial tachycardia was induced and found.... He didn't or couldn't ablate.... He said I had a problem with my artery to my heart as it did not go straight up as normal ... He showed me on the recording of the study... It had a short stump where it branched out to the right at the bottom of the stump, then went up and back over to the left... He said he needed to go into the left atrium but also that he needed to come up with a new plan.... Any ideas or similar problems?

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  • How tedious for you, HeatherS. Hearts and blood vessels aren't always standard - two of us posting have three pulmonary veins entering the heart instead of the usual four. Presumably this is an advantage for the EP - less work to do.

  • We tend to assume our anatomy is as it is in the text books, but it is not. I have several anomalies one of which meant that an ablation had to be terminated unexpectedly. Do hope that your EP comes up with an alternative plan for you. I have the 3 pulmonary veins, hole in the heart and a small and distorted right atria, none of which showed up on the echocardiogram and were only discovered during the ablation.

  • I wished I understood why he didn't ablate.... I can understand the artery being wrapped around my heart may have caused the elongation of it but I don't know really what sort of plan he could be talking about.... The worst bit for me is that twice now he has told me that even if he treats the arrythmias I won't be better.... What is the point! I am fed up with being like this...

  • Cardinal rule no 1: Don't panic.

    Sounds like treatment means medication. At least he's working on a plan, (which means he might have something in mind). I was told at one point years past there was no plan. (although that changed, fortunately when I saw an EP, belatedly).

    Always ask for further details, know what's going on. Then there's less to worry about.

    I wish you well

  • Thank you. But unfortunately I have had severe side effects from most medication tried... And I can't have beta blockers due to having Brady episodes aswell as the tachy arrythmias... Also low blood pressure that suddenly plummets when stood up.... I am on fludrocortisone to attempt to raise it but it doesn't always work on me.... The bit most worrying as I may have already said is that he keeps impressing on me that even if he fixes the arrythmias I still won't be better.... He says I have too many health issues... I am 51 and always been very fit and active and now live like a prisoner on my settee 24/7.... But I will just have to wait to see what he can come up with ...

  • write all your questions down before seeing him the next time. we often forget once in front of them and pressed for time. Insist on answers and if you aren't satisfied get another opinion! Courage- and keep posting if we can help ! all the best-

  • Thank you iris1205, I will try to write all my questions down to take with me, the last time I did this I forgot the list lol

  • I took mine and then felt bad for having too many questions and stopped asking. Best of luck!

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