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How much AF did you have before having ablation?

I'd be grateful to hear everyone's experiences- I wasn't able to go to the Birmingham meeting last year and those who have discussed it here seem to say it was thought the earlier one had ablation the better were the results.

I started with a two hour , very vigorous episode of AF last August ( took about 3 months to recover) and have had seven short minor episodes since then and then an eighth episode recently which was, again two hours. The EP I have seen says that as I have vagal AF, Flecanide ( after a heart scan I am to have soon), is the only med that is suitable. I felt confident in her record re ablation and decided to wait until symptons were frequent enough to warrant it. Problem is I don't want to risk structural changes from AF which might make ablation less successful so would really like to hear how much AF people experienced before they decided on ablation??

Thank you to all those who have replied when I put this on the question stream

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Rosy, I have PAF and have minor periods of AF then a humdinger maybe once a year. The EP wants to ablate now before I get too bad and the episodes worsen. I have had PAF since 2004 and have been hospitalised only about 6 times. the other times the PAF is but a mere annoyance. I was to have the ablation in May however other medical problems have occurred which need more immediate attention and the EP is happy to do the ablation in October if all else goes well. It is a matter of choice, some of the guys here left off having the ablation and were sorry they did, others will say do it, I personally will be going ahead with it because of what I have read on this site, ultimately it is your choice. Good Luck


I've just had a second ablation, and wish I could have had it sooner. My AF was never very incapacitating and flecainide controlled it at first, but it was gaining the upper hand, even on a higher dose. I'm delighted to be taking a lower dose of flecainide and hope to drop it further. If I can cut it out altogether, I'll be ecstatic.


I doubt any of us will have the exact symptoms which is why it is so difficult to make recommendations. I started rapid AFib (RVR) episodes 1x year and 3 1/2 years later was at 2 per month. I am loathe to take medication on a daily basis so I was on the "pill in the pocket" method, taking only as needed. Metoprolol and Flecainide. My impression was the meds, when taken, were causing more episodes to occur more frequently. They stopped the immediate episode but I felt were producing secondary effects. I finally opted for the ablation - 3 weeks ago. Having palps and ups and downs so not clear yet. If it takes a second go round, I would do it again to be free of this battle! Go for the ablation before you are in persistent, would be my recommendation. BUT IT is always a very personal choice.


Thank you Soozie, Relim and Iris- these experiences really are helpful and I think I should act sooner rather than later.


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