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Firstly congratulations on this excellent forum I have found it very informative.

The story so far.

Last September I was diagnosed with PAF after having two episodes of SVT one month apart, this all started two days after a hernia operation. I had never had any problems prior to the op.

I was given a priority appointment to see the cadiologist. I had a Holter test, ECG and an heart echo scan, they showed no problems. I told the cardiologist I do feel eptopic heart beats now and then.

I was prescibed Sintrom (the Spanish equivalent of warfarin) plus 2.5 milligrams of Bisoprolol and I was already taking Dafiro 10mg/160mg for high blood pressure.

I have felt a few flutters lasting a minute or two. No more SVT.

I had a check up appointment three weeks ago and another holter test which was ok.

The cardiologest, with no other explanation than" you will no longer need to have your INR monitored" took me off Sintrom and prescibed Rivaroxaban 20mg to be taken with breakfast. I note that it is normally recommended that it be taken with the evening meal.

The pharamacist told me " this is a much better drug, you will see".

So far no more episodes of AF or side effects from the drugs.

The cardiologist does not want to see me untill next March for a Blood test and another holter test, he has already made the appointments.

I will keep you posted of my progress.

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Hi Torry, Rivaroxaban is one of the new oral anticoagulants and works in a different way to warfarin. As such it needs no monitoring for INR which gives patients with INR stability problems an easier life.

Welcome to the forum by the way and glad you find it helpful. We are all here to help each other.



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