Taking Warfarin but is anyone taking mini aspirin with it as well?

I had a cousin who died of a D.V.T. while on a flight to America .A couple of years later I was also flying to America and started to take a mini aspirin a day as a precaution against the same thing happening to me. A strange side effect of this (I was taking no other medication) was that all stiffness in my muscles and joints very quickly disappeared .I had had polymyalga rheumatica for a year or so.

Since a TIA and stroke I was prescribed Warfarin and stopped taking the mini aspirin but I am now becoming very stiff again.My question is this - Is anyone out there taking both aspirin and Warfarin together or is it a no no ?

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  • Hi Feeljbee

    I take 75mg aspirin as well as warfarin, but that's due to a high "calcium count" when they did my die test angiogram, not for joints. It's not a no no in small doses as long as your warfarin clinic knows you are taking it, as it does effect your INR slightly.

    I would talk to them


  • Thanks Ian.

    I will have a chat with my doc cause I felt so much better when I was taking aspirin.I just didnt know whether you could take the 2 together.


  • Hi feejbee

    I take 75mg aspirin daily with warfarin as I have heart stents and the aspirin helps them not to get clogged, as prescribed by my cardio, so yes you can. My GP refuted the cardio's instruction, but when he checked he found out something new!

  • I would of said NO but from what has been said it seems not I agree that as long as the Warfarin clinic are aware it does not seem to be a problem. i am sure I did read some years back that aspirin can help some joint disorders but some of the side affects can negate them. Ulcers and bleeds etc.

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