Toast and meds

Yesterday I took my meds a little later half an hour after my toast and cup of tea as soon as I had taken them I felt as if I had drunk about 3 or 4 large G&T after a while it was a little better, at lunch time I had a very bad headache it was bad.

The lesson I have learned is always take meds with my toast and tea ! ( Meds taken 4 warfarin 1 Beta Blocker )

Had my breakfast this morning with my meds and feeling fine....up to now ! ;-)

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  • Golly... I always take my warfarin at teatime, teatime is 6pm and so is the warfarin so they are always together - thank goodness, from the sounds of things! Thank you, I will remember that for next time I have to go to a conference, because the people I go with never seem to want to eat till 10pm (drives me potty!).


  • Lis.

    I have asked Dr's a few times which is best time for taking meds, most Dr's are saying in the mornings if we should forget to take them at least we have a chance to remember not like in the evenings fast asleep ! Just a thought.

  • Interesting, because I was told strictly 6pm for the warfarin! I take the bisoprolol with breakfast...

  • Interesting but I don't think it has anything to do with warfarin unless you are one of a very few people who are allergic to it. As Lis says, taking drugs at dinnertime (evening) say 6 pm seem to be the norm for most people. I have about six different tablets I neck just before we eat around 6.30 pm. I have one of those seven day pill boxes so set out my week's tablets on a Monday morning so I do not forget.

    I think the secret to your problem is the B word as most people seem to have some kind of problem with bisoprolol be it feeling cold., lack of energy, breathlessness or what have you. Thankfully I have never taken it so been spared the misery and often wonder why a drug can sometimes produce worse side effects than the condition they are trying to stop.It does seem to be the fall back situation for many GPs however with little consideration for its suitability for every patient. If you find that this sort of thing continues you should discuss with your doctor and explore if an alternative may be better for you.


  • It seems some doctors are at odds with each other in respect of medications and the best times to take them. I take my beta -blocker and hypertension pills first thing in the morning. My pharmacist instructed me to take my warfarin at 18:00 hrs. Then prior to going to bed I take my simvastatin. Never thought I'd end up being a druggie at 64 years of age. lol. So whenever you take your meds everyone stay positive and be well . :-

  • I was told the same thing but kept forgetting warfarin at 6 so resorted to taking them with the statins. Intake my blood pressure pills at night, I was on twice daily, but bp drops in morning so stopped that dose


  • Same for me but change beta blocker for dilitazem and atoravastatin as the statin

  • I was told warfarin at 6 pm, but must admit take it along with the others at bedtime. The main thing is to take them at the same time every day and tell the clinic what time you took them cos it can make a difference to the INR results, or that is what I was told.


  • Has anyone thought to set the alarm on their mobile phones to go off every evening at the same time so they don't forget, I do as my 7:15pm dose for my AF is not an easy time to remember. Breakfast and bedtime doses no problem.

  • Ditto

  • fortunately my phone does a repeating alarm so I do not have to reset it everyday, sorted. Such a simple solution.

  • I used to take warfarin at breakfast with other pills. When prescribed station changed to evening with it. As long as similar time each day not sure it matters. I thought 6 pm in case any dose changes from Inr checks could be made that day. If already taken dose change would have to wait. We all find our own routines I think.♥

  • I always take my Warfarin mid breakfast. It's a case of having to, as if I take it any other time and I get a sore stomach.

  • When I was having regular blood Tests the warfarin clinic informed me to take the pill at around 6pm . They told me the reason for this was that they would have sufficient time after analyzing my blood test to inform me of any changes that may be required without missing a dose.

  • I was told the same by my clinic nurse, it is for their convenience not ours. I set the alarm on my mobile for 6pm each evening.

  • I have a chart on the kitchen wall so I can look at it every day and check that I've taken my morning meds and evening ones. Straight print from Outlook very easy, and I also take warfarin in the evening, so that if I have a blood test in the morning, they can change the dose that day if necessary. I write the dosage on the chart. (I know borderline OCD like most of us beancounters)

    If I am out for the evening, which is about 3 times a week, the warfarin and statins get taken around 10:30pm otherwise generally around 7pm just prior to dinner.

  • My GP says that being told to take them at 6pm is what you'd expect if you were in hospital so as to fit in with their routines. He said the best time to take Warfarin was whatever best fits in with your routines. I take mine at night when I take 3 other tablets (Flecainide, Doxazosin, and Simvastatin)

  • I was told by doctor's receptionist that reason for 6pm for warfarin was that when inr check done in hospital and results came back a bit later they would have time to call and change dosage if necessary. Not sure how true it is but there is some logic there.

  • Interesting to read what mumknowsbest says about the time we take warfarin can alter our INR results.

    I take my warfarin around 5-6 pm - I am tested at the GP's at anytime between 9am and 4 pm and have never once been asked about the time I take warfarin. I get the result the following afternoon. I take diltiazem and digoxin with breakfast and my statin during the evening.


  • I was told 18.00 Hours or 6pm for taking warfarin which i have been taking regularly usually before Dinner which is normaly about 19.00, the only main side effect is a drying of my skin and since my first diagnosis of AF 16 months ago i seem to have gone off of alcohol, trouble is i cant stop making Mead .

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