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Does anybody feel thirsty all the time?

Lately I have been very thirsty and have been drinking more and of course it makes you go to the loo a lot. I am going to the GP next week so hopefully it can be investigated. Because I am drinking a lot I am wondering if I am washing all important minerals out hence more problems with AF and ectopics. I know sometimes when I am in full blown AF I go to the loo about every 15 mins. I know that dehydration can cause AF sometimes it does sometimes with me.

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Hi Lucy - I too drink and go to the loo a lot when my pulse is racing particularly high, but sometimes feeling thirsty all the time can also be a symptom of diabetes. I hope you get some answers when you see your GP next week. Let us know how you get on. Wishing you well.



Is this something to do with flecainide? I drink far more (water) than my husband or my children do.


Hi Lucy, the loo bit is because the distressed heart secretes an enzyme which tell teh body to get rid of salt so you flush it away-- literally.lol Can't remember the name of the enzyme but it is true.



That's what my mom did, she couldn't stop drinking. Turned out to be diabetes. It all happened quickly. Worth checking maybe?



I wonder If your excreting loads of sodium during an AF, it would make it worse I would think as it's plays a part in good rhythm. I must have had a very low sodium levels during an AF because I was avoiding taking salt and very rarely buy ready meals or eat crisps! I have started taking a little salt now and I haven't had a full blown AF but it hasn't been long enough to say it has made any difference. I know too much salt is very bad. It's a problem. Luckily my new GP listens and I expect he will test for diabetes etc. hope I haven't got that it's enough putting up with your heart banging about!


My condition seems to be very much the shadow (or visa versa) of yours, being in desperate need of the loo was one of the first signs I had of the onset of AF . Most of the time I have to go far more than anyone else I know though not drinking anymore than them.

I also take Flecanide which seems to have kept me free of AF for three years with one or two breakthroughs . Now I take irbersartan as well and that is causing other problems but that's for BP . Last week the dr told me to take more electrolytes but this sends the BP up so in a bit of a dilemma . Thank goodness for this brilliant forum where one can talk to people who have experienced the same feelings it's been a sanity saver for me, hope you get sorted , do post. Terjo


Hi pineapple juice contains potassium, so the odd drink of that might help and so do bananas. After af my potassium levels were always low, so sometimes had an I've top up or tucked into the bananas.



I have a banana and blueberries for breakfast. I was told dried apricot are high in potassium. I have a great recipe to help immune system and it gives you a boost of minerals. A doctor told me.

100g dried apricots

100g walnuts

100g raisins

A small whole lemon skin and all!

Mince all these together

When minced add 5 tablespoons of ordinary runny honey

Miix together

Put it in jars and put in the fridge.

Take a teaspoon 3 times a day for a month in

March and September!

It's delicious

I have mine in the fridge now!


Have yourself checked for diabetes, thirst is an early symptom of it



maybe a fasting glucose check for early diabetes would be worthwhile. Cheap machines usually at Lloyds chemist, beta blockers can hide symptoms of Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or of course gp.


Seeing GP on Thursday have a double appointment so I have time for a good discussion!


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