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I was diagnosed with PAF late in 2015. I was then referred to an EP at the Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital. At the consultation earlier this month I was offered an abalation and placed on the waiting list. It was estimated I would be waiting approx two to three months. My question is as anyone on here had experience both good and not so good at the LH&C hospital. I am pleased that I was offered an abalation so quickly after being diagnosed. Thank you Roy

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  • Yes, I had my ablation there. My wait was about 2 months. My EP is Dr Derrick Todd. Dr Richard Snowdon did my ablation. They are both excellent.

    The facilities are excellent, single rooms ( no en-suite)

    Food is not so good, but the breaKfast and supper toast is great.

    The only problem I had was an arrhythmia nurse recording incorrect details.

    And finally, if you can find the maIn entrance to get into the place then you're on to a winner!

    PS if you want any further details then please pm me.

  • Had mine there, Dr Gupta, 5 years ago. Good experience all round for me. No real complaints at all, including after care.

  • Ablation at Liverpool late Sept. Nothing but good comments about the place and staff. Don't worry and go with the flow.

    Yes the toast was good also the Ice Cream.

  • Thank you for your replies it's comforting to know the good experiences had by others. I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I wasn't nervous but it is reassuring to hear positive experiences. Thank you very much. Roy

  • Hi Roy,

    Had one last have nothing to worry about mate..

    Hospital is fantastic as are the staff..

    You will be fine..


  • Thanks Robby much appreciated. Roy

  • I had mine there in December under Dr Todd. Don't worry - you will be fine. Jennydog was a great help to me when I was waiting, so message her and me if you want to know anything else.


  • You probably won't be in there long enough to even sample the food. I had mine elsewhere but it was arrive mid morning, no food before the op, ablation in the afternoon then sleep overnight and discharge before breakfast.

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