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Nosh and Natter Thursday 27th February at 2pm through till everyone goes home

Hi all I said I would organise another Nosh and Natter, so this time it's at the Riverside Terrace Cafe, Royal Festival Hall, London Southbank, literally overlooking the river.

Directions in the URL above, I shall be there from 2pm and I will have the Green AFA mini flags draped over my table so you know who I am, I shall be there until at least 5pm, but later if anyone would like to stay on.

Bring yourself, your talking shoes, and enough money for a coffee (and I'll even buy you one if you wish) the rest is up to you if you want to eat or just have a pastry.

Do leave a message if you can make it, and if you need my mobile send me a private message, for obvious reasons not posting it here.

Good company, good location, good coffee, and good pastries, is there ANY excuse not to come?


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Thanks so much for organising this, Ian. Planning to be there! Regards, Kay


Hi Ian,

I hope to be there, hopefully around 2.30 this time!




Hi Ian

Hopefully will make it this time



Hi Ian,

I would love to come, but I am still recovering from hip replacement surgery. I hope that by this time next year I will have had the left hip replaced also and be able to join you.

Have a wonderful lunch together. I will join you all in spirit for a drink.

My best wishes,



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