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GPs reduce AF related strokes in Bradford & Airedale

Ground-breaking project by Bradford clinicians results in reduction of AF-related stroke by 2 a month

Member of the medical advisory committee of the AF Association, Dr Matt Fay, talks about the initiative on BBC Look North

Watch from 12:12

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For goodness sake Matt get rid of the beard! Great clip mind you.



Great clip but "blood thinning drugs" from the presenters Grrrrrrr


It would be good if you could get a transcript or pass on some knowledge here, as we can't get this programme in Australia, nor I suspect anywhere else.


Sounds great

I am a resident of Bradford and use a Bradford GP

AF returned in mid/late October

Went to GP who agreed that I should be on warfarin.

I saw specialist on 31st of January who informed me I need warfarin Hesaid he would have to contact the warfarin guys who would write to me with an appointment.

I was worried about time delays I am experiencing but if Bradford is indeed a good example I dread to think how bad it is for you in other areas.


I had been on 300mg aspirin for several years (plus Flecainide 150mgs x 2 per day). Not long after "Dr Warfarin's" medical practice were awarded the contract for my area I was seen by him and persuaded to take Warfarin instead (which I was very happy to do). In addition I was invited to attend Arrhythmia Group meetings which the good doctor holds every 2 months. These are really useful. We've learnt a great deal about how the heart works, about different arrrhythmias, different treatments, warfarin, INR and the new anti-coagulations, self monitoring and self management, CPR and much more. There's been visiting speakers including a consultant from Leeds.

I look forward to these meetings.

The use of warfarin has caused fewer people to have strokes, not only improving their quality of life but also reducing the need for expensive NHS interventions.

I am surprised that 'R1100S1' has had to wait so long to get on Warfarin. I changed to Warfarin just over a week from agreeing to go on it.

I realise from reading this site that I'm very fortunate to have such a good GP.


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