Hi everyone, I am in Treliske Hospital because of my permanent AF over last 6 months ( I had episodes since 2002). Guess what they found at

long last, my Potassium levels were dangerously low due to the wrong medication for high blood pressure. I am now on a drip to get the Potassium into my body as quickly as possible and after being on the drip for 4 hours my heart is in Sinus rhythm. I am listed for a Cardioversion tomorrow, but I do not think I will need it if the SR continues. Has anyone else had this? The cardiologist said I may still have AF afterwards, time will tell, I live in hope.


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  • Very best wishes for your continued recovery. Please let us know how you get on.

  • Very best wishes

  • HI Ang31c4ts, i too was in hospital last week as a emergency as SR was way out bpm 180 blood pressure 125/185

    Am awaiting Ablation and home now , potassium level was also low, now at home recovering , i hope you well

  • Unbelievable isn't it that no one thought to check your potassium levels before now. I'll make sure I get myself some bananas today as my heart has been constantly racing for almost 2 weeks now. Cardioversion hopefully mid March. Unless of course the bananas do their work. Wishing you a speedy recovery and thank you for your post.

  • Hi Jeanjeannie and Ang, Another good source of pottasium broth Look it up on line but its a broth made from Onions carrots, potatoes, parsnips, and parsley and other veg also if you like. Boil in plenty of water and drink the water twice a day! Good luck and hope you continue in SR!! Biddy

  • Hi Biddy - I'm feeling pretty smug this evening as I had stew for dinner with all the ingredients you mentioned. Thank you for your tip.

  • I went into AF after a couple of days of a bad tummy, and my GP said it was probably due to low potassium levels. Bananas and broth it is! Hope that you stay in NSR...


  • That is a wonderful outcome but a sober reminder of how much they can find from blood tests there should be more of them carried out, out of hospital . Hope you continue to do well. Teresa

  • Potassium levels are so important. When I began taking drugs for high BP I was put on a regular blood test regimen which included potassium checks. Shouldn't you all be on this? Dreadful that Di should have reached such a poor state for the sake of a simple (and necessary) check.

  • Interesting post about potassium and blood tests - I am under GP care and have had no blood tests whatsoever (except INR test every 10 weeks) since diagnosis 16 months ago when hospital did a blood test.

  • Hello Di -- Can I ask what BP drug caused your low potassium ? I know that diuretics can cause this . In the early days of my Af journey when I had been admitted for cardioversion , I was told that actually being in AF causes Potassium levels to drop . I was advised to have the normal banana & also orange juice & tomaotoes .

    Anyway , pleased that you are OK now !


  • Hi Sandra, part of my BP medication was Bendroflumethiazide 5mg together with 100 mg Losartan and 4mg Doxazosin . The diuretic depletes the Potassium level in your body and you should be regularly checked by your GP. I have always eaten food with Potassium but I was told that because my doctor gave me another diuretic as well, this is what did the damage. Also they found I had a very low haemoglobin count and they are checking for internal bleeding due to Warfarin. At the moment I have been taken off Warfarin and they gave me the antidote. I now have to have an endoscopy to check there is no bleeding of the stomach. I have always thought that Doctors seem to dish out too many drugs for various medical problems without taking into account all the side effects. So in a nutshell, my supposed persistent AF, instead of just episodes was due to low Potassium and low haemoglobin and they assure me my AF is PAF.

    Thank you everyone for your good wishes, I just wonder what would have happened if I had waited until 21st February to see the EP!


  • I had a potassium drip in both arms before my cardioversion it was the most painful thing I have ever had

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