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Getting referred to an EP

I am old (very old) and old habits die hard. I don't have the courage to ask the Cardiologist whether he is an EP. I just feel grateful that I am seeing somebody. I don't think there are any at the hospital I attend as it seems to be all heart problems queuing up for their time with the Cardio.

and AF doesn't seem to come top of the list. I got discharged once and I felt I was making a fuss being referred. The next week I was back at another hospital via ambulance with blue lights etc.

I have tried to find the list of names of EPs on the Official AF website, but search though I may, I have not found it. Just a big map with flags on it indicating where in the world they are. My hands are a bit shaky and I seem to land all over the place.

Could anyone please put a link to the EPs list so that I may check if one is available at my not very local hospital. I have a follow up appointment in 7 weeks.

Who would refer me to an EP - my own GP or the Cardio I see?

Many thanks.

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Go to the main menu and click on AF Specialists. this takes you to "Heart Rhythm Specialists". click on the link then type UK in the country box.and the list by town and area appears. You need to nag your GP to refer you I suspect . You do have the right to be treated by whoever you wish.



Hi Enjoy,

I have also found it useful to go to and enter the name of the cardiologist into that. Most consultants these days have a page on a website somewhere that lists their biography, specialities etc. Look for electrophysiology / heart rhythm / arrhythmia listed if the consultant has specialised in this field of work.

I totally understand that some people might find it difficult to ask the cardiologist face-to-face - I have found that a little bit of internet research is invaluable for this sort of thing! Best of luck to you.


Enjoy, Where abouts are you? Maybe you can get some names direct from this forum local to you? Not all the EP's are on the list, not in our area at least.




Thank you all for your replies. I have now found the list of names by following Bob's directions and there are four or five within 10 miles of my home. Thank you so much.


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