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48 hour ECG

I am due for my 3 month post ablation meeting with my EP on feb 3rd. He ordered a 48 hour ECG to be done prior to this meeting but hospital has overlooked this and when I rang to ask about it they said sorry but no chance of getting one done now prior to meeting. My question is has anyone had this done privately, if yes where and how much would it cost. I have aliveCor readings so wonder if that might be enough. I am going away for 3 months hence the urgency. I am in London. Marie

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My GP organises it too- have you tried there? Tried your numbers today- do ring when you are back in!


i went to dept last Monday to say i needed 48 hr tape before appt this past monday alsas no appointments/monitors i said well please talk to consultant as he has requested it. Offered to go and see him myself but somehow a spot was found for the following day so had it Tuesday-Thursday and he had results Monday. Just have to push a little sometimes


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