Cardiologist says, "Keep up the exercise!"

Just back from cardiologist appointment. In spite of having AF, I've been told I have a perfectly healthy heart. I cycle 25 miles a week and run about 5 miles a week with no ill effects. I will be fitted with a heart monitor for 24 hours in a few weeks. Will keep you posted as to how that turns out. On Dabigatran, Digoxin & Viazem. So far, no procedures considered necessary. Male, 60.

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  • That's the thing about AF most people have a perfectly healthy hearts. It is just the electrics that isn't right.


  • Go, hazelstrawberry - keep up the fitness regime and stay well.

  • You go for it! Cheering to hear that your heart is fine apart from the AF.


  • I have had AF for about 6 years and keep exercising regularly. I cycle about 100 miles a week and often use a cycle to try and shake off AF which I get about once a month. My cardiologist is a regular cyclist and said the same to me. Male 65.

  • Wow, that is brilliant! I was half expecting to be told to stop the strenuous exercise!

    It is so encouraging to hear stories like yours. Go, AFCyclist!!!

  • As BobD says,most people with AF have a healthy heart pump its just something to do with the electrics,I used to love cycling but since my ablation just walking until doc gives me go ahead but if you feel fine keep going,hope every thing turns out good for you.

  • Hope you hear soon that you can get back on your bike. Thanks for your encouragement.

  • yes, i started an excersise program after being diagnosed with A.F.I suspect i have had it for 30 years or more, i am 65 and run , walk etc. 5kms daily and sometimes push hard, never felt better, I tried the usual meds, all bad, now take nothing.only occasional aspirin when i remember, however vote is ,aspirin is no good as stroke prevention in U.K.. Doctors in Canada seem to be in favor of it. ??

  • My GP (a cardiology specialist) was keen to get me off aspirin & onto a thinning agent...I chose Dabigatran & so far, all is well. You're right, I too feel great after exercise! Keep on keeping on, bnewman77!

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