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Further - the phantom cardiologist

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about being contacted by the cardiac nurse regarding my results. She told me she wanted to see me to do another ECG has my heart rate was 90bpm. I asked if I was to ever get to see my cardiologist to discuss my treatment plan. She said it was unlikely! She wished to titrate my medication and monitor my progress and she would report to the cardiologist.

She wanted to make an appointment for me, annoyingly we work the same hours and was totally inflexible. I said I couldn't take time off work either, so she is now referring me back to my GP for monitoring and treatment. She said she would let the cardiologist know that I was not happy with my treatment. I told her that a letter of complaint was going to be sent to the hospital about my shoddy treatment. It was then that I decided to mention that I work in medical negligence and I knew who to write to and how. She advised that she would contact the cardiologist and my GP and that no doubt the cardiologist would be in touch (well she hasn't).

Anyway it would appear that after having all the tests they could think of, I am back at square one under the care of my GP who, as sweet as he is, considers my AF as a bit of a nuisance (or is that me)!!

I really could scream...... I have and I feel much better now but the heart is doing back flips and swallow dives :( Oh well.


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This sounds totally unacceptable. Are you going to write direct to the hospital CEO to complain.


I thought I might. I work in litigation so will get the necessary name and address. I'll also get the solicitors to check my letter first, just make sure I don't overstep any legal marks.


You would think given that you work in litigation that they would pull their fingers out. What chance is there for the rest of us! But at least we know who to go to when we need a letter of complaint :D



Well they didn't know it before. I kind of thought that when the nurse told the cardiologist, as she said she would, there might be an appointment coming my way. But nothing so far. x


Hope you get this resolved satisfactorily, sounds totally unacceptable. Is there another hospital and consultant you could be referred to?


What a saga!!!! Do your letter JDB, get it off your chest. Doing that may help you feel better, and get things moving?



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