Breathlessness and no Energy

Hi all, have had 2nd ablation back in November and it worked for about 4 weeks then the AF returned,after the last ablation i still had breathing difficulties and this is getting worse as is the amount of energy i have. Has anyone else had the same type of thing and did third ablation work for them? Did it cure your breathlessness. i am due to have third one in approx 6 months.

And i am now starting to struggle.

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  • Sorry to hear about your suffering

    Are you on a any type of beta blocker or rhythm control medication ? Since your complain usually linked with their side effects

    I had my ablation last Aug , I feel breathless during SVT where my pulse went over 100


  • Thanks for your reply,i am on Bisoloporol and Amiodrone as well as Losartan,Simvistatin,warfrin and Thyroxin,after the first ablation breathlessness went away and i was full of energy.

  • I know everyone is different, but I had to stop bisopralol because of those symptoms., but I still get breathless at times. They are still trying to find out why


  • I have had a rough year with AF (permanent for 4 months - cardioverted and then paroxysmal thereafter), breathlessness, circulation issues, bad reactions to bisoprolol and amiodorone etc but having had an ablation in November that so far seems to have been successful I still remained breathless and exhausted a lot of the time. These symptoms had just been shrugged off by the doctors that I had seen as AF related even though they were much worse than they apparently should have been. I felt that everybody thought that I was a hypochondriac and exaggerating the symptoms but they really were affecting my day to day life significantly . I had a spirometry test that showed me as within the 'normal' range and x-rays to see if the Amiodorone had damaged my lungs but this was clear. My new GP suggested I try an inhaler for asthma. This has proved to be a miracle cure for my symptoms of breathlessness and lack of energy which had all been attributed to AF. After I have taken my inhaler my Heart rate also drops to near what it used to be possibly because my heart doesn't have to work as hard as I am getting more oxygen in to my blood. Basically my point is that there may be underlying issues that have not been identified that are just all shrugged of as being related to AF. If there are conditions such as asthma that have similar symptoms to AF they may be overlooked once you have been labelled with AF.

    I really hope you get sorted out as I know how bad it can feel.

  • yes mate i was the same . but they said mine was down 2 anxiety.

  • Hi

    AF and Astma for me

    Seems what's good for one ain't good for the other !

    When Astma is low key and just AF life not bad at all.

    Not complaining just that's how it is


  • I had an Ablation in Nov 2011 and AF returned 4 wks later then low and behold it went to SR 8wks after and been normal ever since, that was my 2nd so fingers crossed x

  • I too had problems with a return of AF & flutter soon after my 2nd ablation. In fact I was beginning to think I was worse than ever! However I had a 3rd ablation 9 months ago , areturn of AF & flutter 2 months ago which needed an emergency cardioversion . I have to say that now I feel pretty good, better than i have for such along time & my energy levels are so much improved & no breathlessness. I do hope this works for you. 6 months is a long time to wait for an ablation -- what area do you live in?



  • Hi Badbrunnen

    Welcome to the forum, here we all have the same diagnosis, within the wide range of conditions that are all A FIb, or a diagnosis of A Fib.

    Here you can ask any questions, share your challenges and problems, but above all talk to people who really understand what you are going through, because that's what we are going through.

    For the moment, don't worry about what an ablation is, that may or may not come later, but you do need to understand that the real risks of A Fib are with stroke, the abnormal beats of the atrium can mean that blood pools in places and then clots, and if one of those clots gets loose and goes round the bloodstream, then this can cause a stroke.

    So it's very important that you are anti-coagulated, and I'm sorry to say that aspirin simply will not do, it's not an anti-coagulant, and it simply does not work. Now you can if you like think of warfarin as rat poison, and you're right it was used as such (I understand they are now resistant and it's not used much now) BUT it's a life saver for us, we are at 7 times the usual risk of stroke, and warfarin and the newer anti-coagulants will help prevent that.

    Please go back to your doctor and talk about warfarin again, it's easy to take almost no side effects and you only have to give up cranberry juice, which is not exactly a strict diet.

    And lastly talk to us all, we are here to help

    Be well


  • This forum has been like a family to me Badbrunnen and everybody like beans says is here to help and they alll know whats what...i would take the advice and comment sonboard here its the best source of comfort online1

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