I am a man of 83, with several health problems, Atrial Fibrilation, umbilical hernia, high blood pressure, and prostate problem

I need help to lose weight, as I cannot bend due to the umbilical hernia, which is inoperable. I am also on Warfrin and have had a prostate problem for over 40yrs, having had two unsuccessful operations. Any help please and advice on how I can lose weight. I am 13 stone 8 lbs.

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  • Hi Pete sorry to read that and I do sympathise over the prostate. I had mine out two years ago due to cancer--best thing I ever did but it was a hairy old time. Obviously the best way to lose weight is to eat less. You never saw over-weight in WW ll :Listen to me talking I can't pass a biscuit barrel! Why don't you talk to your doctor about a special diet and work out your calorie intake. When we get less active and continue to eat as we always did then the body is using less energy so we put on weight. It is really about balancing intake against usage I'm afraid and it you can't burn it off with exercise then you only have one option.


  • Thanks BobD, for your reply to my query. I have had two prostate operations, which were not good, no cancer though thankfully, just out sooo much at night. Yes I do understand about the eating less, which I really do try to do. I sometimes make a batch of cakes about once a month, and like rich tea biscuits or cream crackers, sadly I cannot be very active, due to my umbilical hernia, so it seems like a catch two situation for me. Will try talking to my doctor again about a diet, and work out my calorie intake too. Yes I agree only eating less is my only option. Thanks again anyway.

  • Hi PeteandPat

    I'm trying to lose weight too, but if it's any consolation you weigh less than I do... Try cutting out sugary things like biscuits and cakes, and also fatty foods - but beware stuff that advertises itself as 'low fat' because often they are high in sugar. Also keep an eye on portion size, because often we eat more than we realise. There are some good websites that will help you keep an eye on the number of calories you're consuming and eat healthily. And good luck!

  • Thank you very much for your reply and suggestions.

  • I lost weight with weight watchers, but have put it all back on again. you could ask your GP for the tablets that could help you


  • Thank you Eileen for your suggestion.

  • Hi Peteandpat, I was overweight two years ago when diagnosed with AF and SVT, since then I have been writing down what I eat to help eleviate the episodes, during this time I lost 11kgs and didn't do anything that I used to do in loosing weight. (like diet pills or potions) which never worked for long anyway. I havent had an ablation yet, so this meant a lot of input by myself in respect of foodstuffs and exercises, Like everyone on this forum we have discovered our bodies react differently at any one time to any medications food and excercise. For me it meant going on a more healthy form of eating (although I used to eat quite well) I just added quinoa to porridge, and eat this with fruit with flaxmeal. I also found eating smaller amounts helped the episodes quite considerably. The most recent thing I have discovered for me is that instead of cutting out too many carbs like bread and biscuites and chocolate, I simply traded these over to Gluten free bread and other products with good results. I must stress that this took a considerable time, with the help of a food diary. If you cant exercise standing up for too long, you can exercise every part of your body sitting down, it might not help to loose weight quickly, but it does help your flexibility. Hope things go well for you, and wish you and everyone a happy New Year 2014.

  • Thank you ultramarine for your reply, and all your suggestions, can you please tell me what SVT is?, so I can understand more of what you mean. I have never gone in for diet pills or things like that, I try desperately to eat healthily, but you get times like Christmas and invitations out (which I do not go to many of now, as I have two hearing aids and find large crowds too wearing in trying to hear lots of people) these times tend to put you off track. I always say" when you get older you can afford to eat nice things, but then those things are not good for you when you get older ". Your gluten suggestion has been suggested to me before, but I find it difficult to find good Gluten free bread for instance. As you say you can excercise sitting down, which at least makes you feel better. I am going through a bad time at the moment, with my doctor giving me a new tablet for high blood pressure, (CARDIOPLEN XL 2.5mg), which apparently has given me urine infection symptoms, but I have no infection showing in my urine at all, but doctors thought from symptoms that I did have an infection and put my on antibiotics, which in turn do not interact with Warfarin, so had to have that dose adjusted, tonight for the first time in three weeks I have had a better night, but feeling very unwell at the moment, and a bit all over the place, but thank you for all your suggestions. May I just add that I do have bad side effects and allergies to most tablets.

  • Hi peteandpat in answer to your question what is "SVT" its full name is Superventricular Tachycardia, which simply means in laymans terms that the faulty wiring makes the heart speed up more than when I am in AF the palpitations are strong and the beats could (as in my case) go up to 200 or more. The medics are more concerned about this aspect, as this could effect the heart. As regards to crowds and Christmas you cannot always stick to your food as you do ordinarily, and I guess the feelings you experience during the festive season makes you want to enjoy more of what everybody else is enjoying. I don't worry so much now, except when I know what causes my heart to pound and I do eat a lot out, so its unavoidable at times. In my case too much vinegar in salad dressings, and a sauce with too much spice in that I cant identify, means that its something I cannot control, so I ask for them to hold the spice, the onion, the vinegar now or go without any dressings or sauces. I learned early on not to order spicy foods. Blood pressure tabs are very suspect there are loads on the market, there was only one that I couldn't tolerate, but I guess you know what allergies you have. The infections you talk about do have a greater effect on arrythmia, and feeling all over the place has happened to me after a urine or other infection. My immune system was out of sorts I deduced, so I bought a course of Vitamins from the chemist, cant remember which one now. Just told them was feeling really off and mentioned my immune system, they came up with the correct one, and it did work extremely well for me. In Australia the Gluten free bread is very sparse indeed, the best ones I get are from the Bakery and are home made, more expensive than the supermarkets though. I am always at the Health part of supermarkets and have discovered lots of exciting things, carob choc for example and gluten free biscuites, because they are so expensive you tend not to eat as many. I cant comment on warfarin I dont take it. Try not to feel so bad about being run down, its part of anyones life during Christmas and New Year, I hope you get better real soon and hope this helps you. Sorry about the long reply, I have trouble with short emails.

  • Thank you again for you great reply, and I do not mind it being long, it was very interesting. I live in the U.K, and find it really difficult to find a decent gluten free bread or anything gluten actually, but will keep trying. That is exactly what happened to me when I had my A/F, the medics where really concerned because of the speed of my heart beat, and like you it went up to 200 +. I agree about the spicy food, and try as much as I can to steer clear of them. My problem with the urine and my prostate problem is that more often than not it is not an infection, but doctors obviously want to start antibiotics with the symptoms I get, straight away. We did live in Perth, Australia, and I got quite a few urine infection symptoms, which turned out to be negative, so my doctor there agreed that he would not give me antibiotics until he saw the urine results, but since I have started with Warfarin because of my A/F, (two years ago), to go on antibiotics, they have to change the Warfarin dose, because of the risk of internal bleeding, this then sends my Warfarin levels wrong, so I am very hesitant about all new tablets now. Hopefully when I see the nurse this week it will be okay. Anyway I have gone on a bit. Thanks again.

  • Just wanted to add, my new doctor says I am a very complicated person !!!!!!!.

  • I recently got a bread maker and it makes fantastic gluten free bread, no effort, just put the ingredients into the tin, switch on and hey presto! The bread mix can be bought through the internet and delivered to your door.

  • Hi peteandpat,, sorry you are going through a rough patch, I cannot add anything to the good advice you are already receiving but would like you to know that I hope you feel better soon. Kindest regards.

  • Thank you Phyllisk, much appreciated.

  • Hello. Peteandpat,interesting reading about you and antibiotics I too don't like taking them as so many of them give me terrible side effects, just had a session of urine infection antibiotics given resulted in thrush,then that had to be cleared up.. I am just about to start taken Warfarin and am wondering if that will be ok.I see that you take that too so I will keep my fingers crossed sann

  • Hello sann, I have been on Warfarin for over two years now, and its the first time that I they said I needed antibiotics, (which turned out to be not needed anyway !!!! as no infection from results from the hospital), I believe it depends on which antibiotic they give you as to whether they need to alter the Warfarin dose., you have to be really careful on Warfarin to stick to the dose given, and eating habits too. Good Luck.

  • Hi peteandpat thanks for replying with your info I am going to the docs on Monday so will let you know what he says,take care and keep well Sann

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