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Am meant to start taking flecanide as of Thursday. I have read the patient info on line and scared myself. Anyone started this while at home

Most of the info says it should be started in hospital while on a monitor. My E.P. is not concerned and expects me to be fine and I feel I should trust him but am having a wobble especially as I will be starting in the lead up to Christmas hols. Help! X

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I know its a different pill but I was started on sotalol first of all in hospital, but since then I have taken Amiodarone and then changed to bisoprolol at home, on the same day. I would not be so concerned as to give you any anxiety, that in my belief would be a bigger problem. Try to chill and forget and hope that it does some good.


Thank you for your good advice. I am chilling as I type! You are so right anxiety is probably worse than anything else. X


Hi Deodottie

Lots of people on here on flec, it's a popular rhythm control drug, and if your EP wants you on it it's probably a good idea, so bite the bullet knowing that there is lots and lots of support on here for you.

You'll be fine I am sure



Hi dedeottie

My EP just started me on Flecainide at home without any monitoring at all. I was started on a low dose, 50mgs twice a day, then told to increase it up to 100mgs twice a day if I wanted to. I had his secretary's phone number to call if it didn't work or felt I wanted to go beyond 100mgs twice a day.

It didn't work for me as it happens but loads of people on it from what I read. By email, he changed me over to propafenone which I think also says to be started whilst being monitored.

Trouble is reading the labels on drugs, they have to cover every eventuality and best ignored, your EP will know what's best.

Good luck



Thanks. I feel better about it already. Don't know what I would do without you lot.x


please see other stream for someone's recent experience when dose was too high- also you should have heart scan to make sure no underlying problems as flecanide can't be taken if there are.


Thanks. Have just seen it a.d now am scared to death again!! Have decided to put off the first dose till New year so that emergency services are running at full tilt. Have a fairly recent heart scan showing all is well and E.P. did an e.c.g. in his room and looked at it. I'm booked in for a stress test on 15th Jan so I will only have been taking it for 2 weeks and can ask any questions then. I think I'm as safe as I can be but who really knows? My resting heart rate on low dose of bisoprolol is low 50s and when in A.F. it is keeping it around 80 and 90 mark.My E.P. said flecanide wouldn't affect my heart rate just the rhythm. Fingers crossed.x


Usually I know my body is very sensitive to any changes so I used to start any medication as half prescribed dose , to test my body response first for few days

Then if it was ok I increase the dose as prescribed by the doctor

Not sure if doctors may agree with my method :) but I feel better with it

I also started flecainide at home , but I felt breathless for the first two days then everything went fine , even I'm one of the people who always has low BP

It helped me a lot with my ectopic beats , but unfortunately I had atrial flutter attack while using it , so the doctor said no use to continue on Flecainade anymore .

Hope you are doing fine these days



Thanks Maitha. Have you been to the mayo clinic yet? If so how did it go?


Not yet

I'm still waiting confirmation about the appointment , it is not easy in this time of the year due to Christmas and new year


Hi, I was due to start Flecainide as a pill in the pocket approach as an outpatient but with hospital support, ie take the dose as prescribed then attend hospital in a day or so, as I seem to remember it for an ecg. So in effect I was to be closely monitored.

However before I had a chance to use it I had a huge AF attack and was admitted to cardiology and converted with flecainide intraveneously, I was then put on 50mg twice a day then upped to 100mg twice a day while an in patient.

I have to say I felt safer in hospital but then that is just me we are all different and when having an attack I have no choice but to go to hospital as my attacks are so violent.

If you have had other heart tests and your EP is happy then I think you can safely trust their advice. I was taken off flecainide while I had other crucial tests, as it is contraindicated if you have any structural heart disease. Post my stress test and angiogram I was put back on it.

If you feel safer waiting as you say until you feel hospital will be staffed better post christmas then go with your gut feeling. Only you can make the decision which you feel is best for you. Best wishes.


Thanks mead foot . I think I will have to trust his judgement as I am prepared to put myself in his hands for an ablation if the meds don't work. Did the flecanide work for you?


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