I got approval to be treated in Mayo clinic Minnesota

I'm preparing my reports and peppers to travel to USA for EPS and treatment

I'm worried about the long flight at least around 18 hours in addition to my phobia for aero planes

What about if I got those ugly attack during the flight , my husband recommend to have connection flight and rest one night

What do you think ? Any similar flight experience

Any one here from Minnesota or had been treated there who may give me some advise

I'm expecting to leave within two weeks , awaiting appointment to book the flight


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  • Hi Maitha

    I think your husband is being very sensible about the overnight stay before a transfer flight but I am confused about the length of the flight. I fly quite a lot to the US and it is rarely more than an 8 hour flight. 18 hours will take you to Hong Kong. Where are you flying to?

    I have found that EFT or tapping is very effective for acute anxiety, weird but effective.

    I don't know anything about the Mayo, sorry. May I ask why you want to go there? EPS ??

  • I'm living in Abu Dhabi and I checked the flight during it is about 20 hours with no direct flight to Minnesota

    I'm going there for EPS and treating the findings which may cover VT

    Our government here had maybe agreement with Mayo clinic , that is why patient like me will be send there for treatment since we have here lack of experience in this field

    What is EFT ? Actually I'm shy to admit that I have phobia form flights :(

  • HI Maitha. stop worrying about what may not happen. Even if it did you are going to feel the same at home or away and at least away you are going to be treated and hopefully made better. I have flown several times in AF and whilst it isn't fun it is no worse than being at home in AF. Good luck with The Mayo.


  • I'm trying to convince myself with that .

    Thank you :)

  • Hi Maitha,

    The 18 hours is including your wait times with connecting flights, right? Where are you flying into the U.S? Boston? New York? It may not be a bad idea to spend the night and then take the flight to Minnesota the next day. I know fatigue and dehydration are certain triggers for me to jump into AF. I too have flown with AF and as Bob says it is exactly the same level of fun of being in AF at home. It does make it hard to get around the airport or drag your bag if you are short of breath…..just take your time. If I lived closer to Minnesota I would be your personal welcoming committee, but alas it is about 6 states away from me. I hope they warned you to bring really warm clothing. We spent time in Minnesota when my daughter was about 15 months old and it is where she learned to say "COLD!" Good luck with your evaluation there! We'll all be anxious to hear. Not sure where you will be on the 17th but there is an online discussion of A.F with the experts from the Cleveland Clinic and they are among the most experienced in the country and I am sure that will be interesting and informative as well. Good luck!

  • Hi Grandma, do you have more details of the online AF discussion? I would really like to be in on that, although I'm UK not US...

  • Let me try to paste the link: chat.clevelandclinic.org/ch... I hope that works. It is at 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

  • Thanks Grandma! I'll definitely look in.

  • Thank you all for your response

    I'm sorry Bob for being anxious , actually i have phobia from long flights even before I got the flutter , then it is worse, really shy to say that , but i can't control it at all even with medication , wish they will put me under sedition till I reach there lol , I really mean it , not funny at all for me

    Actually grandma I didn't find any direct flight from Abu dhabi to Minnesota , so the whole flight will take more that 20 hours I will try to have connection flight through London and gave a night there , thanks for your nice words and feelings

    It is spring here , very nice weather when the coldest day will not be more that 18 degrees , it will be really new freezing experience for us , and we will start shopping coats and heavy cloths

  • Oh, I was thinking you were flying from England! Yes, very long flights. I would not be looking forward to that one bit either. May I caution you to make sure you get up and move around every hour or so and drink plenty of water during the flights. Dehydration is not our friend and it occurs much more quickly in flight. Also if you point the overhead fan at your chest level, it keeps the airflow around you away from your face and you are less likely to get sick from other people hacking and coughing on the plane. And as a true germaphobe, I also encourage you to take little antibacterial clothes to wipe down the tray table and armrests :-) Don't forget the mittens!

  • Hi Maitha - It's good to hear that you are making progress in getting your AF sorted. Please keep us informed of when you are going and what's going to be done etc.

  • Thank you grandmama and jean

    I will keep you updated , I really want a clear diagnose to know actually what's wrong with me , I still hope I will be back to normal again I have a lot of things to do :) hope the same to all of us ,

  • Hi Maitha. Good luck to you in your venture. At least you are being proactive and I admire you for that. I'm having my own little panic about diagnosis and treatment at the moment. Like you I want to know all the facts and possibilities and then I want to do whatever is necessary, put it behind me and move on in my life. Like you I have a fab supportive husband and I don't know what I would do without him. Would you believe that he has just been told he has atrial flutter! We have laughed and said we have been together so long we are even sharing the same conditions. Keep seeing the amusing side of life and things will begin to seem a bit better. Not easy I know. Let us know how you get on.x

  • Thank you dear

    Happy to hear that you have a supportive husband , it is strange to share same AF ;)

    Me and my husband having same hypo thyroid problem , currently he is under stress because of my condition , my scary attacks are scaring him as well , I feel sorry for him really but can't do anything about it

    I wish that medication will control my irrethemia but it did not unfortunately even after an ablation

    I think I'm paying back the major two open heart surgeries I had earlier for my aortic valve problem , even doctors insist that the flutter and VT are not related to it

    Wish you and your husband happy and healthy life ;)


  • Hi Maitha, I'm really glad to hear you've got the chance to go somewhere as prestigious as the Mayo clinic. If you get a chance to stop over in London both Gatwick and Heathrow have really nice hotels right at the airport, I think they're both Hiltons, so you don't even have to get on a bus or take a taxi. It's worth paying a little extra for that level of comfort, for the sake of your health. I know it must be difficult if you don't like flying, I had a patch when I was scared too so I sympathise. Have you thought of having hypnotherapy before this flight, as it's so important? Wishing you all the best.

  • Hi Maitha, wow quite a lot get your head around. It sounds as if your main anxiety is your phobia around flying. EFT is emotional freedom technique and uses modern psychology along with ancient meridians energy medicine to counter extreme emotional responses. You can learn it from the internet but it is better if you can work with someone experienced and qualified. Many practitioners work on line so you need not be in the same country.

    Have a look at emofree.com for a tutorial.

    If you google EFT you will get a lot of info. It looks and sounds very weird but as a psychotherapist I have incorporated this into my practice and it has worked. You will need to practise but it is self help and if you can get your husband on board metaphorically speaking, he could coach you and help you if you freeze at any time at the Airport or on the plane.

    I have had quite a few people with flying phobias use this technique with great efficacy. Good luck and well done for acknowledging the difficulty. If you can deal with AF, you can deal with a piddle little thing like flying!

    I am just recovering from ablation and so far so good, so do hope you get the treatment you need xx

  • Thanks a lot for the clarification

    I will google it to learn more about it .

    Wish you successful recovery soon :)


  • Keep in touch and let us know how you get on, many here routing for you, smiley face if I knew how....

  • Hi Maitha, Go for it! Last summer I went for my son's graduation from Boarding school. Such an event, he was courageous to choose to go so far away. and boom, the morning of the flight I woke up with 150bpm and afib. I took my meds, did lots of slow long exhales breathing, went to the airport in Afib and told myself, no different than sitting it out at home. and it wasn't. Everything went fine, the trip, I was even so tired from the Afib that I slept a bit! This is a wonderful opportunity - Mayo -clinic is great. All the best, be of good courage, you can do this! Take care

  • Thanks a lot iris for sharing your experience , I need that courage to do so

    I'm awaiting booking the appointment , my main concern is the long flight and the irrythemia during the trip

    I will pass my doctor soon to get some sleeping tablets to make me sleep during the flight


  • Maitha

    If you are stopping overnight at Heathrow, send me a Private message, and if it fits in my calendar, I will come down and buy you a coffee or similar, I live quite close to the airport.


  • I will , thanks a lot for the kind offer , it will be so nice :)

  • It is quite a lovely community here. Everyone will be waiting to hear the good news upon your arrival and for the treatments. Safe trip

  • God bless you all

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