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Just diagnosed

I experienced a spinal stroke a few months ago. It was totally out of the blue. I don't drink or smoke, am slim and physically active. I've now been diagnosed with PAF, which I'd never heard of before. So I would like to say a big thank you to you all as reading the posts on this forum has been a life saver! It's really helped me understand my illness, and realise that it's not the end. There is life out there after AF, despite the warfarin! So a great big thank you to you all

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Welcome! You can't go wrong on here.Take care.x


Hi Rufus, I've only just found this forum after donkey's years and it is literally life-changing so I'll join in your thanks if I may.


Hi Rufus and welcome to the forum

If you've been diagnosed with AF then this is the right place, everyone here is in exactly the same boat, and understands what you are going through, except that, and I didn't know this until I googled it, a spinal stroke is really rare I have discovered and very serious so there might not be anyone else here who understands that part.

Neverethless I am guessing that the stroke is behind you and now you are learning to live with AF, because in the end that's what we all do. To say that each of us has a different story is a bit of an understatement, we all share parts of the same condition but AF really does manifest itself in a myriad of different ways in everyone on the forum but with some common threads.

Here you will find someone who has experienced either the same, or very close to what you have had or are having, here are people who have had TIAs, some have had full strokes, and now at least one who has had a spinal stroke.

But you are completely right when you say there is life after AF, and I'm going to amend that slightly and say there is life WITH AF, because for most of us that is what this forum is about learning to live with it, and despite it.

Welcome again, I look forward to hearing more about what you have gone through, and perhaps if we can offer any support to the journey you are now on.

Good luck, be well and welcome again



Welcome sometimes just to post something on here helps to unload it and share it x


yes this forum is the right place for you. I found it after over 60 years of suffering paroxysmal fast af. I felt very alone and isolated as no one else I knew had this problem and didn't understand how I felt. I hope you continue to find help and strength from this community cavendish10


This is the place! Welcome!


You've come to a great place - I've just been so grateful for all the help and support on here. You learn something new every day and everyone is so kind and helpful... I would like to add my thanks too :)


Welcome Rufus, this forum is the best, so many helpful kind people who are always there. When you need to cry they're here and helpful with knowledgeable suggestions. Hope you're feeling better. Teresa


Thank you everyone for your kind comments, and thoughts. I'm pleased to say that I'm making good progress, and I've been very lucky! I still have some numbness down my right side, a weak leg, and a foot with a mind of its own but with physio and sheer determination I'm getting stronger by the day. The PAF diagnosis was a shock as I was unaware of any symptoms, certainly nothing as strong as has been described by other members. It sounds as if some of you have had some difficult experiences. I'm still waiting for a cardiology appointment. Can anyone tell me what's likely to happen there?


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