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I have been suffering from permanent AF for the last few years, lately I have been experncing periods where I have dizzy spells, however today I felt faint and my legs went me causing me to fall down. I have other heart problems well. I can go a couple of weeks before this occurs again but my legs going from under me was the worst I have experienced.

Has anyone else ever experienced this.

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Pat. Stop messing around and go and see your doctor or if it happens again go to A and E. There is no point in being a danger to yourself if this were to happen again. It may be the AF or could be something else but find out!



Thank i will


Yes, I had AF all the time for some time, not sure how long as I didn't know what it was in hindsight. My legs didn't go from under me, but they would have had I not immediately got down on the floor of the shop where I was Christmas shopping. As my ticker was not ticking perfectly, I assume just not enough blood/oxygen getting to my head, guessing that one?

I was taken to hospital and spent 8 days there where they tried various drugs on me till they found one that worked, and it did.

Agree totally with Bob, go to doc or A&E, needs sorting.


Yep, agree with Bob and Koll, that's a serious symptom and you should go to the doc or A&E if it happens again.


doc sent me to A &E still hear some 3 hours later



Sending good wishes Pat287 - let us know the result


thinking of you Pat287... fingers & toes are crossed



Yes been feeling really weak.


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