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Furosmide with Digoxin?

I have scaring to my lungs both inside and outside, which has given me 53% lung function. So I now have to take Furosmide water tablets for a month to see if that helps when I am flat? My O2 drops when I am flat. He stated that my graph showed that I was consistently bad even after my salbutamol blast. So now I have 15 prescriptions for at least a month. Maybe after my pace and ablate it might improve things?

However when I looked at the scare sheet with the tablets it states that it can affect your blood clotting, Digoxin and Salbutamol? Has anyone else on here had any problems?

Thanks in advance


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Not sure if my info. will help. I have COPD and cannot lie flat. Also my Salbutamol "excites" my heart too much. I am sure my last two AF episodes resulting in "blue lights" to A&E were following the need to take a puff of my reliever.

Although my lung function is getting worse, I am trying to keep the Salbutamol to when I have a lung infection and it is then absolutely necessary. I obviously make sure I take my Preventer twice a day.

If you can push the boats out and buy an automatic bed (mine is one from a cheap well known bed shop) - I think you will find you are much better in the supported raised position in bed.

I hope things improve soon for you.


I have found Salbutamol does the same to me but I have Restrictive Lung disease and it was found Salbutamol has no real effect to my breathing now. I am struggling to buy extra pillows at the moment so a bed is not on the cards I am afraid. I will see what happens on my next INR for the blood.


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