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Help with back pain

Hi Everyone

It has now been been several months since my second ablation and heart wise everything is great. I have had no more flutters and feel great. My only problem is a re occurrence of an old back pain in the lower back which is caused by a bulging disc.I am still on warfarin and valsartan ,can anyone recommend a good herbal remedy for this. I don't want to take any more prescribed drugs and would prefer a natural treatment.

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For what it is worth I have had great results recently for my siatica by visiting a Bowen practitioner. (Look it up on the internet and find one near you). Much softer and more gentle than cyropractor and seems to have helped when 3 months of physiotherapy failed.



You should be careful not to use any herbal drugs since you are on warfarin , since it will effect you INR level which should be adjusted accordingly

Why don't you try Chinese needles can't spell it right lol


Hi LakesideLad, I had a bulging disc for over 10 years with sciatica present for 90 percent of the time. Well worth getting a laminectomy done from a neurosurgeon, he/she will stitch the bulge up and strengthen the area around the bulge. Have had no problems since


For back trouble, I go to my chiropractor. He is not old style clunk-and-click, he uses needles, massage and all sorts of techniques which work on me and my wife. Also, I had really bad muscle spasms (think started by statins) causing dreadful headaches. He massaged me for about 30 minutes and walked out cured, so far !!!


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