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Further forward? Not so sure!

I posted a while back. I've been seeing various cardiologists for years now and not really getting anywhere. I was told I had an SVT and tried ablation but couldn't stimulate the heart to do anything. Then told it was PAF and changed medication to include Flecainide with the bisoprolol. No discussion about anti coags and I didn't know the risks then. Since been told I have both but still no anti coags. Finally got to see the cardiologist I wanted to yesterday and felt I got a few answers (yes definitely atrial fibrillation there) but STILL won't just put me on anti coags despite having had a spontaneous pulmonary embolism (found no cause for it) a while ago. He is testing my blood clotting ability (which he was surprised had never been done) and doing a whole barrage of other blood tests, seems very thorough. He's suggested another attempt at ablation, mixed feelings on that. But then threw in another curve ball, listened to my heart and he thinks possibly a hole in my heart! Worried is not the word!! Would the echo I've had done previously not have picked that up before now?? I'm 43 and feeling a lot older today!


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I'd consider going to see Dr. Wyn Davies privately. Get the best opinion possible and the best advice on treatment options.


Sorry to hear you are so worried

Try to get urgent proper advice re anti coagulation as other things can be looked into over time


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