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Not quite signed off yet

Saw my EP yesterday, all good for coming off the meds, YEAH. He says he would have preferred me to continue for longer, but given the current circumstances, probably better for my global health, the sooner I stop, the better.

He said it was a very difficult ablation, my heart stopped whilst burning the flutter line, so not surprised my recovery was much slower. He has referred me to a local EP who moved to our area recently and used to be his registrar so no need for the travel to London as husband has to drive now which was the source of some stress travelling yesterday, which neither of us want. I am to have follow up appointment in 3 months with local guy and if all still well then he is happy for me to come off the anti-coagulants. I am happy in that I now feel there is continuity as I will be seeing someone whose thinking and training is from the same page (that is Bart's, London by the way).

(Pause for intake of breath and wait for the reaction re no anti-coags). Please bear in mind this is after an informed discussion regarding the risk/benefits and the interactions from drugs I may be prescribed.

We discussed the possible drug therapy for Myesthenia and agreed that the fewer drugs I am on the better and discussed taking Omega3 oils as a supplement, which he favours (it has anti-coagulation properties) and I am a very happy, and now relieved, bunny.

I am seeing the neurologist on 24th July and my EP will liaise with him, if required.

PS - yes, this is a private consult also as I am not prepared to wait until end of Sept.

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I am just so pleased for you that you seem to be getting a plan of action together. I think we all cope so much better if we can see the road ahead. Well done.x

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Thanks dedeottie, I agree, the anxt is always worse when we feel helpless I find. Hope you are keeping well? x


I am good thanks. Much better now I know where I'm going.


All sounds positive. Well done you.


thumbs up ! :)


CDreamer - that all sounds very positive and...... I also believe that I'll be stopping anticoags in October or thereabouts, which will be 5 months post - fingers and toes crossed - thus far a very successful ablation. And I'm afraid I also went privately and I also take omega 3 and always have. I also plan, once off the warfarin, to add various other natural anticoags to my diet. Good luck with the neuro consult. Sue


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