Are ectopic beats in this case dangerous ?

My doctor explained to me today that I'm having different types of irrythemias and he is not sure which is causing me these complains , but his major concern was about a recorded group of 5 & 8 ectopic beats in my holter monitor 10 months ago , and he called that VT if I got it right

I used to have ectopic beats long time back after my valve replacement in 2000 but recently increased

My question is : does that mean it may happen again once it is recorded so I need to take action ! Even my recent few holter monitor reports never showed similar situation , not more that 3 ectopic together

My doctor recommend to continue on sotalol right now for a month and hope ectopic beats may decrease , and meet my EP again to discuss action needed since he doesn't prefer to continue on medication for a long term , he recommend a pacemaker and not ablation in this case

I had ablation last month to treat PAF and it is fine till now but I had also SVT as a controlled partially by sotalol

Is it save to exercise in my case ? I feel always tired and avoiding any unnecessary effort , I became lazy and not happy of that at all

Appreciate any feedback in the above


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  • hi when my doctors thought i had vt they where going to but a icd in my body i think vt is quite a dangerousn

  • My doctor mentioned something similar to icd , that record is ten months back , recent holter reports doesn't show any more than 3-4 ectopic beats together, and my Ecco looks good also the stress test

    Don't know what is normal what is not , but my GP said nothing can be done now more than sotalol and warfarin and keep monitoring

    I don't feel stable but my records are showing normal ectopic beats along with short SVT

  • I'm having sudden bomb from time to time in my chess with pain and hot in my left shoulder , my BP 135/95 pulse 52

    Lot of ectopic beats since two days

    My EP doctor blaming my anxiety since when I'm reaching ER nothing more than few ectopic beats there , then send me home

    Don't know what to do anymore

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