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I've just returned from a holiday in the USA and whilst watching the TV over there, an advert came on about AF. Believe me it's the only time I've been excited about having the condition. The advert was promoting Elequis. I've not heard of this medication and it may be known as something else over here, but basically it looks to be a substitute for Warfarin. It said there is no need for INR checks and the side effects are not as severe. Does anyone know of this medication, or do we know it under a different name?

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Hi Jason. Elequis is a brand name for Apixiban which has been given approval for use here in the UK by NICE. There are another two new anticoagulants also approved here - Dabigatran and Rivaoxaban. I have taken Rivaoxaban this past 8 months since anticoagulation was deemed crucial for me. The three new drugs are alternatives to Warfarin for those who cannot tolerate Warfarin or in my case I chose one of the new ones for convenience ie no INR blood tests.

Taking Rivaoxaban I have blood tests 6monthly for liver and kidney function checks, so far so good. I have not experienced any side effects.

Downsides to the new anticoagulants - there is no antidote as yet available in the event of a major bleed. A consultant hematologist colleague told me a couple of weeks ago that things are in development in this respect. My cardiac consultants, GP, my consultant Hematologist colleague and my A&E consultant cousin have all said I should take them and not worry.

Hope this helps. Have a look on AFA website they have pamphlets on each of the new novel anticoagulants as they are known.

Best wishes.



Hi Jason

Follow this link for more info on Apixaban, you may find it useful. Its the NHS - Nice website




I must say I was as excited about Dabigatran and got my GP and consultant to switch my medication from Warfarin. No antidote is a very major problem and I could not find anything in the UK to advise me of this. The very practical aspects of this is if one was to have a serious accident in the kitchen or even a car crash then then a not so serious problem could become a fatal one. I also discovered through research in the States that Dabigatran increases the risk of heart attack, this also is never mentioned in the promotional literature. My dealing with Nice over the years seems to indicate that they are concerned with the cost of drugs including getting a fair price from the drug companies, they actually told me this. Another problem and it also is a very important one is that it has to be taken twice daily. This alone is one fact that scared prescribing Doctors in the States. I take it you have looked at the site for Elequis UK? Good luck with your decision, I have made mine and back on Warfarin. Stay well. J


I'm with you on this one James. The idea of taking a drug for which there is no antidote freaks me out! And twice a day.....I'd never remember.


Even if one was lucky enlighten to get to a hospital, they can do nothing about the bleeding. J


It is called Apixaban over here. Nice fast tracked it in 4 months for our use. The NHS must provide it if it is prescribed by a doctor. It has been available since Feb 2013 but I haven't heard of any one getting it. My GP tried but was told it could only be prescribed by a Hospital. Every thing is explained in Nice document ta275, published in Feb of this year. I hope we can stir them up to give us what we are entitled to.


Just a final word, if you have an artificial heart valve, the only anti-coagulant which has no contra-indications is warfarin.


Hi I was prescribed Apaxiban in June when diagnosed with AF and have been taking it since. I didn't want Warfarin and so far feel ok with it, there are no restrictions on what to eat or drink it had to be prescribed by the Consultant at local hospital


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