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Musculoskeletal pain

I have finally moved house, its a beautiful villa and still in the same district. I was anxious about having another episode of SVT before the move. I did everything to help the situation like relaxation twice per day and Tai Chi every other day. I started packing fairly early, but 2 days prior to my move, had a lot of organising and telephone calls plus some strenuous stretching and lifting. I worked right through this day from 6am until 3pm then rested and had erratic pulse (not fast) palpitations, which lasted for 30 mins (a slight pain in the centre of chest) which really had me worried, I rang my Doc who said if your pulse is too fast then ring the ambulance after another 15 mins. It subsided, but at 7.30pm I had another sharp pain in the chest stronger than the first, no palpitations, so I rang for the ambulance. They took me to hospital, and I was checked for a heart attack but none was evident, I was diagnosed with Musculoskeletal pain, and sent home at 2.30am. I was very relieved that my heart was still healthy. Has anyone ever had this during any activity? if so what did you do about it later on, I don't have sharp pain now, but a dull ache in the heart region (not in the centre of the chest).

Thanks Ultramarine - Australia

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Hi I get Musculskeletal pain and have had it since being diagnosed with DCM in 2009 I take Co-Codamol painkillers to help with the pain. During activity out hearts naturally work harder and our pulse will increase. Throughout our chest we have very small capillaries and with a weak heart like mine these capillaries are being starved of oxygen hence the pain I get in the chest.


thankyou paslode10 I don't know what DCM is though? This is the first time I have experienced this, twisting I think with packing up boxes etc. and I didn't take a break, that is I didn't do my deep breathing relaxation, it would seem as this might help it somewhat, except I didn't know what to do. I take panamax, I have never heard of co-codamol, maybe they don't use this one in Australia. I am glad you replied as I didn't know if anyone else got this, and I didn't know if it was connected to SVT, or just my age I am 73, thanks for taking the time to reply. Keep well Ultramarine


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