Is this AF or not?

Had an ablation 3 months ago. Have been much better since and have had only 4 episodes of AF in that time with lots of ectopics just after the ablation to almost none now. This evening however I have had 4 episodes of feeling very strange and heart rate starts to climb ( only from 53 to approx.77 ) and I feel very odd just like the start of AF, when in my case the body seems to go into shock, and then after only 2 or 3 minutes all goes back to normal. Can AF kick in for such a short time or could it be something else ? Has anybody had similar ?


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  • I haven't had an ablation, my condition managed with drugs. BUT I do get the sensation an episode is going to start and when I check my pulse it is normal.

    Also, since starting on medication I get super small episodes, I had one today which lasted half a minute maximum.

  • Thanks for that. I had the 4 mini episodes last night and that was it . I've never had short bursts like that before or if I've had it very quickly goes on to the real thing which lasts for hours or days.


  • I'm having short episodes of irregular heart beats and uncomfortable sensation in my chess , maybe it is AF episodes for few seconds but hard to be recorded

  • feejee like yourself I had an ablation 3 months ago and have had 3 episodes since of what I thought was AF but during the last one I got my GP surgery to do an ECG that morning which was confirmed as ectopics both by the GP and an EP specialist to whom I sent a hard copy of the trace. However it felt exactly the same as previous episodes of AF prior to the ablation so I am now at a loss to tell the difference between the two. "Feeling very odd" is a great description as that's how I feel too. Like feejeee I would be grateful if someone could throw some light on this subject.

  • Hi Fi -- yes I have had similar episodes to yours . Sometimes they have progressed to ' full blown' AF but are often just annoying blips. I think we can all get a bit panicky about these feelings ( myself included ) . You will know it when you go into fast AF !


  • Have you ever thought about getting an AliveCOR heart monitor to attach to your iPhone.

    They are fantastic devices and and very easy to use. I use it personally and now able to capture every AF event and email to my doctor. It can record easily by pressing the monitor on your legs, or rest your fingers on it or as I do press it on to the left breast are about 4 cm under the left nipple region. Comes with easy instructions and the recordings are very clear. You also have the quick facility of recording your medications, exact diagnosis or history and any symptoms at the time if the recording of your event. Recordings can last 30 seconds, 5 minutes or continuous.

    This way you will get definitive

    The AF Association have been promoting and giving free heart monitors. Take a look at this link.

    I used to use a handheld ECG but had terrible problems getting the ECG data to my EP cardiologist. I have abandoned that devise and now use the AliveCOR heart monitor and the almost total seamless process it offers to get your a ECG data to your cardiologist.

  • Alivecor heart monitor sounds like just what I need especially after having an ablation.

  • This device sounds so helpful.where can I get one .

  • You might be able to get one through the AFA website but also on amazon or the alivecor website.

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