So now what ! !

Went to hospital this morning for a Myocardial Perfusion heart stress scan. Did not like the sound of it nor the stress and symptoms I was told to expect my heart to go through, but it was necessary so off I went. My husband dropped me off at the hospital before he went to work so I had 3 hours to pass before my test which I spent in the hospital dining room reading my book.

My late morning appointment arrived and I was taken through for ECG and BP check. BP 214 over 98 - yelp! Three attempts would not get it below 200 over 90 so they would not undertake the test. Has to be below 180. I have white coat syndrome which they assumed I had. Told to go to my GP and ask for my BP meds dose to be increased.

Very despondent, had a short snooze when I got home and my BP on waking was 111 over 49. Raised to 125 over 54 after several readings. So what do I do, to have the dose increased I would pass out given home resting pressure.

On my next visit for the scan it will happen all over again.

I have called EP but he is on holiday. Concerned about how to proceed. I am on Flecainide which is not good if I have artery disease which this test was to check.

Any suggestions.



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  • Hi Dee - Sorry to hear your dilemma. I too can take my blood pressure up dangerously high when under extreme pressure. Like the time when I thought I'd had a stroke (I hadn't). The NHS called an ambulance for me and would you believe my pulse was normal but BP sky high.

    I don't think it's a good idea for you to sit waiting all those hours next time, as I'm sure that didn't help!! You may have thought you were sat calmly reading your book, but I bet underneath you were in turmoil. Perhaps when you talk to your GP he'll have a solution. I don't know how quickly BP tablets work, but I wonder if it's possible to just take a higher dose on the morning that you're due to go back for your tests?

    Please let us know the outcome.


  • I agree with Jean Dee. Sitting for three hours in a hospital would send my BP sky high too. I have to do a weekly chart every six months or so for my GP as if she takes it I am well off the richter scale. (Mind you she is lovely). ha ha.

    Try not to get wound up and don;t spend so long waiting next time even if you have to get a cab there later in the day.


  • Hello....Find yourself a hypnotherapist accredited to a professional body...C

  • I've said it in various threads, consider acupuncture.

  • I know what you mean. Went to my heart surgeon and my BP was high and he really hated to put me on anything because I had bottomed out when I had my ablation done because I was on BP meds. So we have waited 2 weeks and I went in to see my cardiologist and it was drastically lower and even at home it is even lower yet. I have lost almost 30 lbs since my ablation and I am sure that has helped. My whole point in telling you this is that you could bottom out or pass out and you do not know when until it happens. Those meds stay in your system a while and I know myself well enough to tell my specialist that I want another opinion. There are numerous tests that they can do to find out the same info as a stress test. Next time try to be the first one for an appointment because waiting is not a good idea either. I try to get the earliest appt that I can. Good luck.

  • Thank you friends for your supportive and helpful responses. I agree with your comments. My EP is back from holiday on Monday and I will call to get his thoughts. Loads more tests to undergo so need to get myself sorted BP wise, well white coat syndrome wise anyway.

    Thanks again for your support. Hope to see those of you attending Patients day next month.



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