i keep getting different answers off hospital and doctors secretarys

As i only have a cardiologist at my hospital i want a referral to see an electrophysiologist at another hospital

The problem is i have ad different replies , i have been told that my cardiologist would have to refer me on but then i was told by the hospital secretary that my GP would have to refer me

I just keep getting passed about , does anybody know how this all works please its doing my head in

Thank You

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  • Look up the list on the main website for EPs and find one in your area. Then go doorstep your GP and demand your right to see who you want.


  • Thanks Bob , I will , I think neither of them is very interested in my problem

  • Oh Steve your last comment made me feel sad! Not everyone finds it easy to be assertive in such situations, but I hope you can do it! Good luck!

  • Good luck Steve. With this complaint you do have to learn to be assertive, even though it is difficult


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