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I have taken warfarin for 8 years now and occasionally had nose bleeds at night with the blood running down the back the back of my throat

Now I seem to get them about 1-2 hours after taking warfarin 3 years ago I went to see an oral consultant who told me that I had very fine blood vessels in my nose and throat and to take care when blowing my nose, does anyone have the same condition I would also say that the blood always runs down the back of my throat. My concern is that there might be something else going on, I also have mentioned this to to my AF nurse.

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Hi Georgejen

Like you on warfarin but not suffering the nose bleeds, might be because when I was much younger I too was diagnosed with very fine surface blood vessels in the nose, I only had to knock it slightly to get copious amounts of claret coming out, so they did what I think was a cauterization under a local?. It was a long time ago about 35 years so I can barely remember, but it certainly seemd to solve the problem I had then.

In your case I am sure that the oral consultant would be familiar with patients on warfarin, and if he/she had any worries they would have told you, if it is interfering then maybe ask the anti-coag nurse if there is any chance of changing over to one of the newer ones, and see what happens

good luck



I'm on warfarin for 13 years now , I'm having traces of blood occasionally from my nose and gum most of the time

Better to check with ENT doctor , maybe there is another thing to be treated



I have been on warfarin for 10 years now and did used to get quite large nose bleeds which i eventually haad cauterised. I get streaks of blood most times ~i blow my nose but very rarely large bleeds now. An ENT opinion might be a good idea


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