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Had an ablation 10 weeks ago for AF , Atrial Flutter and Atrial Tachycardia. I was told to expect a few episodes for the first 3months

while everything settles down. The first 5 weeks I only had very mild symptoms and was quite convinced all was well and it was successful .Then went on holiday for a few days to France and AF or A Flutter kicked in badly ( to be honest I don't know what the difference is between the two or if they run concurrently) for 24 hours. Since then I've had runs of AF once or twice a week ,last night being the worst. I woke up in a sweat and pulse jumping continuously between 51 and 89 after a few hours under control again but then every time I dozed off I would wake with a jump and off I'd go again. Each time I checked the pulse oximeter my oxygen level was at 89. My husband said I was snoring loudly as well .I'm wondering now if this is sleep apnoea triggering the episodes.

Have others had attacks like this after an ablation and if so did they eventually go or if not how long did you wait for a second ablation to be done. I am seeing the EP again at the beginning of September , is there anything I should ask him ? I am taking Bisoprolol 5mg and Warfarin but not Flecanide or anything similar, should I be ?

I was so hopeful after the ablation but now not so sure. I'm basically a glass half full type of person but it's difficult to keep optimistic all the time.

Any advice welcome, particularly from anyone who has had this and it just stopped of its own accord .


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Hello Fi and welcome. Please don't give up yet as it takes between three and six months for the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses to form and it is open season on all kinds or arrhythmias during that time. I would say a second ablation if needed should be at least nine months,( I had a year each between my three) but it is too early to decide just yet. Sleep apnoea can trigger AF so maybe you need to look into that as well but be aware that if you are diagnosed you may have to surrender your driving license as it is one of those must declare conditions. Mind you so is AF although I don't know of anybody with AF who had to stop driving. .



Hi Bob

Thanks for the reply. I just need to hear from people that have already gone through the process that it's quite normal to have AF attacks after an ablation. its still going on ,its been 17 hours now and I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. I can't eat when I'm like this I feel sick and I'm supposed to be going out to a dinner party this evening. I won't rush to explore the sleeping problem in view of the driving issue ( mind you a visit to the G.P. won't put anything in motion for months anyway )

Thanks again



Hi Feejbee

I had my 3rd Ablation 6 weeks ago which was a non event however I am getting repeated Sleep Apnoea Episodes. I would probably had 4 a year before I seem to get them 3 times a week now.

Be Well



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