Recovery time from radio-frequency ablation for focal atrial tachycardia compared to 'full' ablation for AF

Dear all, I've been reading the replies to Julie regarding recovery time from ablation with great interest (best of luck to you, Julie, I'm sure all will be just fine) but I was wondering if the advice regarding recuperation periods apply to 'radio-frequency ablation' for suspected focal atrial tachycardia (FAT), though I have a single diagnosed PAF a couple of years ago. I should say, I posted as a 'reply' to Julie's post but then thought that it won't assist her at all so re-posted my query here, separately.

I'm due in for the procedure on 15th December and (I'm a barrister) have a hearing on the 21st and then a three week case from 9th January, and obviously both are likely to be fairly stressful! At the moment the (very experienced) EP is intending to try and identify the nature of the problem by 'provoking' the problem - FAT or AF or whatever it turns out to be, and if it's the former he will look to radio frequency ablate, but if the latter will probably insert a 'reveal' recorder and postpone the AF ablation to a later date. So, if it's simply the FAT RF ablation what will the approximate recovery time be do you think, compared to an AF ablation, or is there basically no difference?

Sorry for the long post; all help very gratefully received. Best to all.

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  • Whilst I cannot answer your specific question I do think that much will depend on whether you have a general anaesthetic or merely sedation. The GA takes up to 6 months full recovery - the main problem being extreme tiredness. You will need to pace yourself so it's likely that you can forget about your social life.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks very much Jenny. Tempted to say "what social life?" 🙃!

    It will be sedation only, I'm told.

  • Many people have said that even after PVI they went back to work after four or five days. Personally I couldn't have but we are all different. Sedation should be clear in 48 hours but it is really about listening to your body.

  • Thanks Bob.

  • Everyone is different but here is my recent experience. I had an ablation on 24 November at the Royal Brompton under GA and have felt fine ever since. Have been taking it easy as per instructions but am going abroad for a meeting on Monday 5 December and feel ready for that.

  • Thank you, Realdon, that's really helpful.

  • I had flutter ablation 3rd Oct, home on 4th then on holiday for 14th.

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