I'm in the stage of comparing my AF suffering and having ablation ?

Recently I'm having frequent episodes of flutter on and off twice a week or more which is increasing by time as I noticed , does it worth to have ablation as my doctor advise, or just live with it, since medication didn't work for me

My doctor report contain very scary possible side effects for the ablation which make the decision very hard for me , kindly advise

I'm really scared and confused

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  • Maitha, I am a strong advocate of ablation having had three and each time I had to consider the risks as well as the probably benefits. Only you can make the decision .

    Yes there are risks but doctors have to tell you about these or you might sue them if things went wrong. My EP told me all the things that could go wrong including death so I asked him when he last killed somebody. He looked quite shocked and told me he never had so I asked him to put me on the list for the week after he did as I knew he would be more careful then. That set the mood for our relationship which is still strong today even though I haven't seen him for nearly five years.

    There is a body of opinion which suggests that early ablation has more chance of success and since drugs do not suit you then you would be a prime candidate for ablation. You do have the right to be treated by whoever you choose so read up about the various EPs(Electropghysiologists) you might see and find out their experience. This increases the possibility of a good outcome and reduces any down sides. Do accept that it may take two or more procedures to eradicate the AF although more first time successes seem to be about as experience increases. This is still very new science, not yet being twenty years old you just remember. It also means that long term results are still few and far between and there does seem to be an indication that there is a 50% risk of AF returning within five years of a successful ablation.I am a little over that now and still going fine but would go for a fourth at the drop of a hat if needed. The last five years have been worth any risk!

    In conclusion again it is only you who can make the choice and I found that I knew when i was ready. It was once said that if you were being chased by lions towards a river full of crocodiles there comes a point when the crocs look the best bet.


  • I have had 3 Ablations first was to my 4 pulmonary Arteries. Second was for the main chamber took 7.5 hours and 38 burns my third was to look at my sinus and other bits with the possibility of a Pace. Unfortunately the third did not go to plan as my sotalol worked to well before the ablation. I am now having episodes again. I would have another if it was needed I am afraid my problems seem to be I was long term with AF before I was looked at by a specialist ( My earlier Doctor told me not to worry about my "Palpitations" years before I was admitted to hospital with double phenomena and they picked up on it straight away back in 1992.

    Do not worry as I am sure stress is a big bringer oner for want of a better word.

    Be Well


  • Thanks for sharing your experiences

    Im living in Abu Dhabi where the ablation procedure is still new , if I decide to have it I will go back to London where I met Dr schilling last month

    It look like that I may need few ablations , since he mentioned atrial flutter and fibrillation which is more complicated as I understood

    It is not easy to travel each time and recover far away

    Everyday I wake up hoping that those attacks will stopped and will not come back again

    From my daily suffering it look like that it worth a try , maybe I will be lucky and healed from this long term suffering 12 years back

    Dear offcut: you are not the only one had been miss diagnosed , since I heard here that others had the same issue , and myself where I was diagnosed with panic attacks for twelve years and took medications for that without success ;)

    Anyway it is common for AF on and off attacks since if not captured no one can know about it

    Hope all of us will live just normal life without worries and stress soon


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