Is it correct that Zanax (Alprazolam) will stop fibrillations?

Is it correct that Zanax (Alprazolam) will stop fibrillations?

Has anyone taken this drug during an episode of AF? Does it work? I mean does it stop the fibrillations and restore normal rhythm? Would be interested to know, as no-one has ever told me that fibrillating can be controlled when you are actually suffering an attack. I have always assumed you just had to grit your teeth and wait for it to finish.

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  • I've experienced control with Soltalol. I had an attack over night and an hour after taking my morning tablet I was back in sinus.

    A lot of people on here talking about Pill in the Pocket method, that's basically taking medication when your having an attack to put you back in sinus rythm.

    Prior to starting on medication only a good nights deep sleep would stop an attack.

  • Thanks for your message. Very often my episodes occur at night and I feel unwell for most of the next day. Will make a note to ask my EP if he thinks Soltalol would be suitable for me.

    Best regards

  • Worth talking about "pill in the pocket" method. When I was in hospital in the UK I talked with a cardiologist who was on call consultant when I was admitted. He prescribed Soltalol to me, 1*80mg morning and night. He also said I could take one further 80mg tablet per 24 hours if I had a prolonged attack or one which I felt was severe.

    Since having chemical cardioversion and being on Soltalol I have only had slight flutters lasting seconds or minutes and one twelve hour episode when I took the extra pill.

    I am still aware things are "not right" but I have my quality of life back and I worry less about the condition feeling I have it under control and have an element of control over it.

    Does that make sense?

    However, like so many on here state we are all different and you should discuss this with your cardiologist/electro physiologist and see if its right for you.

    Best wishes


  • Hi

    I used to take zanax during my AF attacks , It doesn't stop it but it make the body relax and reduce panic which make the attack easier

    My doctor prescribed it for me , it is usefull during the attack


  • Thank you Maitha. I'm having a 3rd catheter ablation next week, so maybe I won't be getting any more episodes! Fingers crossed.

    Best, Carrie

  • hi carrie. may i ask how long u waited between ablations?

  • I think it was about 7 months between 1st and 2nd ablation. The first one didn't work, and I still felt very poorly afterwards. The second one was brilliant, and I felt that I had got my life back again. I was much less fatigued, had far fewer episodes, and the ones that I did have were less severe. However, my EP wants to do the 3rd one next week, to try to eliminate the AF completely (!) It would be over a year since the 2nd ablation - April 2012. Hope this is helpful.

    Best, Carrie

  • Hi Carrie,

    I've read of people for whom the Xanax worked. Xanax does not have the same effect on cardiac rate or rhythm as say a beta blocker or some of the rhythm control drugs, as it is an anti- anxiety drug. It can also be addicting, so be careful if you use it. If you are very anxious it just may help your AF come to a halt sooner once you are more calm. Deep breathing is a fabulous way to become more calm. Try 10 minutes/day and it is a wonderful thing. Good luck with your ablation! The deep breathing will be helpful to calm yourself as you get ready for that.

  • Thank you SRM grandma. From what you are saying I think I might avoid Xanax. It doesn't seem to matter if I am calm or not when I am fibrillating. It would be wonderful if they could find a pill to restore Sinus rhythm in a few minutes. I will definitely try the deep breathing.

    Best, Carrie

  • Hi Carrie - is you AF paroxysmal or permanent? Mine is permanent and am on a waiting list for a second ablation. Good luck with yours, by the way x

  • Hello Froggy (!?) My AF is paroxysmal and highly symptomatic. I was so much better after the 2nd ablation, but still have episodes. MY EP thinks that this 3rd one will do the trick. Luck for yours as well. How long will you have to wait?

    Best, Carrie

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