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CHADS2 score = 0

Hi everyone, I have done the CHADS2 test and my score comes out at 0, I am now having near weekly episodes (lasting for almost 3 days at a time), is it time to call up my cardiologist about something more than an asprin a day. I do have the pill in the pocket (flec), only taken it twice, first time it took 6hrs to work and the other time it did'nt. Does it make a difference to it working if you do not take it straight away (at onset) ?

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Hi Steve

I can't comment on the pill in the pocket flecandie, although I would think the quicker you take it the quicker it will start to control the rythmn. But with weekly episodes, even with a CHADS2 score of 0 I would be asking questions about anti-coagulants. Yes I think it's time to see your cardio again, and be re-assessed, only if you were very young or had a condition which precluded anti-coags would I be happy with aspirin only.

Good luck



Many thanks for the reply, just a thought, how young is 'young', I've just hit 50, I know thats not young in society, but does it count in Afib ?, just a thought, the pattern for my Afib is weekends, alcohol at night, gym the next day and then it starts


There is a suggestion that alcohol can exacerbate AF , indeed binge drinking is know as a cause.for some people. Whilst there is apparently no evidence to connect "normal" training activity with AF there is a connection where endurance training is the case but I would guess that if you are predisposed to it then alcohol plus gym training could do it.



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