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Do you folk on regular flecainide take it 12 hourly or on an empty stomach? I take am dose pre food and pm dose post food. Is this OK?

Have asked three pharmacists on different occasions about this. All said it doesn't matter, but I've just had change of manufacturer and new data sheet like the old says take an hour before food.

I'm a bit fixated on the 12 hourly thing but realise that after food may inhibit absorption. having said that only one episode in two and a half years using my method!!

Thanks Wendy B

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I don't know about before or after meals

But logically when not mentioned it supposed to be after meals



Hi Wendy,

I am new to Flecanide, just been taking it for almost one week. My drug leaflet also says take before food. Not given any guidance in hospital, however in the morning it arrived just before breakfast and in the evening at 8pm well after teatime meal.

As I have acid reflux I decided to have my breakfast first to give my stomach some protection. However your comment about absorption gave me food for thought, so this morning I took my cocktail (lansoprazole, atenolol and flecanide) half an hour before breakfast. I haven't suffered for it this time but may have just been lucky.

I was due to have doses at 8am and 8pm but found I was getting break through symptoms by 6pm so hospital doc gave me the evening dose at 6pm instead. I was concerned though that I then went 14 hours between doses. I questioned it and was told that the heart naturally slows during the night through less general activity so the 14 hours was not a likely issue. I have done as suggested, so far so good.

It is a strong drug I preferred not to take but have no alternative at this point.

Hope my response helps a little.




Hi there,

I have been taking Flecainide for about 7 years now, I take my dosage of 150mg in the morning and 150mg at night. The morning ones I used to take before breakfast as I was working then, but now I take them after breakfast. The ones at night I take around 10-11pm, I personally have never had any bother with this, but I am on a quite a cocktail of drugs and in the morning I take 40mg of Omerprazole which keeps heartburn under control, and this is the first medication I take in the morning. I think it is just a case of finding a time that suits you, and if it is better before or after food, hope you get it sorted out quick for your piece of mind.




Thanks guys, I'm more or less doing an hour before food now, good point about heart slowing down at night too. All my episodes have been between 9.30pm and 1 am so am happy with the fact morning dose may be a couple of hours adrift.


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