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Have I had PAF all my life?


I was talking to my dear old mum the other day, she has dementia but can recall my childhood with amazing clarity!! She was reminding me that when I was about 9 or 10 I kept complaining of a pain in my chest, and to the extent that she took me to to the doctor and obviously he found nothing. Also my wife still chuckles about my "phantom flues" as she called them. I would tell her that I was coming down with a bug, have an early night then be fine the next day!!

Also I used to think when in my 20`s that a heavy night out with the boys would mean chest pains the next day. I honestly thought that it was normal!!!

Just a thought, but have some of us had this longer than we think?

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I think you could be right. As a child I had blackouts. Also, ever since I was a young mum, I would suddenly feel really 'weak and weary' (those were my exact words at the time - which my family would joke about and mimic). It would last for a short while and during that time I would have to just sit until the feeling passed. Walking uphill, cycling or running, my heart would bang in my chest, but I thought everyone's did that. It wasn't until my first ablation cured that two years ago, that I realised this wasn't the case.

Im, glad to hear that your ablation was successful.

Have you had no AF since? Because I am facing my fourth in September and have become a little sceptical about how much succes they actually have with this procedure.

I haven't had any AF since my ablation, but at times have had a very strong heartbeat which I find annoying - though better than not having one I guess!

Have sent you a private message.

I was thinking the same about myself

I started those attacks after my second open heart surgery in 2000

All doctors checked me thought that it was panic attacks and I had bee on medication few months without improvements

I dont blame them since attacks lasts few minutes when I reach hospital im back normal and thank god I was all those 13 years on warfarin

I was diagnosed with af before one year since it stayed two weeks till I had the first cardiversion

At that point my doctors believed me that those were ot panic attacks

In the fact I think all of us will get panic during af

I recall back and sure that my af is about 13 years back up to date

Thank god we are still alive and we should work hardly with doctors to lmprove the quality of our lifes


hello Timmo50,

Looking back on my life I think the same applies to me. I studied music from the age of three and play several instruments however, when playing on stage or taking an exam my heart would race with fear I assumed and I always thought I was going to die.

I was also athletic could run faster and swim further that anyone else but would develop a strange feeling in my chest after these activities with my heart pounding in my ears.

I was also very sensitive could not watch horror movies as my heart pounded and I was terrified. If a pet animal died I would not eat for days and just cry and cry for days and then perhaps sleep for a week.

People would describe me and say "oh she wears her heart on her sleeve"",she's going to get her heart broken "which I did many times)"she is big hearted"," to soft hearted"." her heart rules her head" "her heart is running away with her again"That was me.

Reading events from others on this forum it really strikes me that we are like minded people maybe being to sensitive it a contributing factor. Regards.C

Hi Caromia,

Thats an interesting angle actually, because I have always been slightly sensitive but had never linked that to AF.

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