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PAF and an apple I watch


I have PAF and take flecainide as pill-in the pocket. It normally occurs during the night and often wakes me. I would like to know if any one has an I watch ( which claims to monitor and record arrhythmias) and what are your thoughts about them?


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I have Apple Watch and it constantly goes off with af warning but I’m in it permanent and I have the alerts switched on . I keep hoping it will just miraculously disappear (the af) but nope the alerts keep coming.

I check my heartrate and have warning on if it goes over 100 bpm whilst resting when it is continual . It also asks me if I’m working out which I find funny as I’m only walking , the joys of af breathlessness.

To think previous to 3 month ago I used it to record my steps and movement and for time etc , now it’s my heart .

So yes I’d recommend but that’s just my opinion and haven’t had af that long.

Lb184 in reply to Janelr

Thanks Janelr. I’m not in it permanently so hopefully if I buy one it will only register AF as and when it happens.

Hi. I have an Apple Watch which I mainly use for the fitness app (counting steps etc) and for telling the time!! Also bought (present from my son) so I know when he is phoning me (Sadly my hearing is not good these days).

Having become quite obsessive about my step counting I have completely ignored setting my watch up to monitor my heart rhythm (although it keeps reminding me!!) - not somewhere I want to go at the moment as I would probably start checking it all the time and be worried about every little blip! At the moment my episodes only happen at night and trust me I don’t need my watch to tell me I’m in AF then.

As with all things - never say never - and my AF may change but for now it would only give me something else to worry about!!

Lb184 in reply to Tako2009

Thanks Tako2009. I think I wake with AF but think I may also miss some episodes and should medicate with pill in the pocket as I when I go into it. I can also go back to sleep in AF ( although I know the rate is about 140, prior to my ablations it was about 180, I’m a nurse). I do worry about potentially stroking out!! Am due to see my cardiologist mid December so am thinking he may up my bisoprolol but also thought there may be some kind of information that I could show him from the phone.

baba in reply to Lb184

Are you on anticoagulants if appropriate?

Lb184 in reply to baba

My cardiologist stopped them a while back. As it’s PAF I think the risks outweighed the benefits at the time but seeing the third ablation has now failed (i.e a new pathway has been established) perhaps he may try rivoroxiban as opposed to warfarin (which was a pain having to maintain within a range and regular blood tests).

baba in reply to Lb184

Check your stroke risk:

Tapanac in reply to Lb184

Apixaban is good and no worries about making sure taking with food. And allegedly kinder to the head and stomach.


I have the newest apple watch. It gives me reassurance that I am not having any a fib that Im not aware of. I havent had an episode in 18 mo or so. I love it.

thanks Hoski, great you haven’t had any AF episodes for such a long time. I think I am looking for reassurance!

Hi, I have had an Apple Watch for a couple of years now. I would say that it does not constantly monitor for AF and I’ve never had a notification despite having had episodes during the night. Having said that, I wouldn’t know I had AF without my watch alerting to me high HR earlier this year. The ECG function is very similar to the Kardia and ECG pdf is available to send from your phone. If you’re looking for a constant AF monitor them it’s not the answer but it is great for monitoring your HR and exercise. All of my episodes occur through the night so I can see if my HR has been high. If I wake up I can take an ECG. Personally I wouldn’t be without mine.

This is from Apple website

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