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New to the site

Hi, this is my first post so a big hello to everyone. I have been reading the information for 3 months or so and the stuff I have gleaned off this site has been truly invaluable/informative thanks for that. My pathway has mirrored others on this post to the point I will be given a cardioversion ( electric ) in 4 weeks or so, my cardiologist tells me I am in permanent a/f and is confident this will work for me. I wish I shared her enthusiasm. I am not being defeatist just pragmatic, the stuff I read regards that procedure shouts that to me. Am I being too unhopeful time will tell..

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Hi Charles and welcome to the site.

It's certainly the right place to express your fears and ask the questions, I too am in permament AF and had a cardioversion unsucessfully, but there are plenty of people who have had sucessful CVs although they tend to be relatively temporary. It would seem to really make a difference how long you have been in AF (and you might not know) and what other factors are present such as high BP or other hearth challenges.

So don't be too down, although I understand the pragmatism, we all need to firmly grasp the nettle of optimism.

Good luck and welcome again



I was in permanent af for a year and had a cardioversion and it worked fine for over a year so hope it does for you. Good luck. Terjo


Hi Charles, and welcome to our rather "offbeat" world. Here, we all share many of the same frustrations, though if you read through all the posts, you will quickly see that A Fib presents itself a little differently in each of us. But we are all here to listen, learn and help each other. I hope your cardioversion goes well and you can be in normal rhythm for a good long time!


Welcome to the madhouse that is AF Charles and that includes our forum. I understand your feeling very well and often feel that doctors tend to have overwhelming faith in procedures until they don't work at which point they tell you that there was only an X% chance anyway. Be positive , however, as I found that to be the most important factor in this mongrel condition. Good luck and our thoughts will be with you.

There are other avenues of course and AF is a long journey but you have good travelling companions here.



Thankyou for the positive comments it was what I needed to be honest. I realise this may be a marathon not a sprint I will look out the trainers now cheers...


Nice to meet you Charles.... you are definitely in the right place for info & support. As the others have said AF is a bit of a changeling in how we react to it but one thing is certain you're among friends in here. Go for the cardio version with an open mind.... nothing ventured and all that ! Let us know how you get on .....will think of you with toes and fingers crossed.



Thankyou for your upbeat post. Onwards and upwards. Kind regards.


Hi Charles

I have had 4 cv's over the last four/five years as my AF returns yearly and so far the cv has worked for me. I was concered when I went for the first CV but my my ep put me at easy and ask that I call her the electric women. I must admit that I laughed and even said send me the electric bill. As skary said go with an open mind and you will be allright


Best be in it for the long haul I guess. thanks watchdog.


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