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Great Sites for Information on AF

I am copying a list of sites that you may find useful when trying to find information about AF. I have been to all of these sites many times in researching questions that I had. Hope you find them useful...

AFA - atrialfibrillation.org.uk/ All around great information on dealing with AF and it's treatments.

StopAfib stopafib.org was my portal of discovery about afib after first being diagnosed. This site is "one-stop-shopping" for learning about the basics. One of my most favorite things about StopAbif.org is the video interviews Mellanie does with researchers and physicians. WOW! You just can't find this any where else!

Google Scholar scholar.google.com/: here, one can search original literature. In many instances the references are available on-line for free. Often, when a reference is available only through subscription, I can obtain a copy through inter-library loan at my community library or write the author for a complimentary copy.

The Heart org theheart.org contains an arrhythmia/EP section that presents news, research summaries and blogs by leading physicians, including Drs. John Mandrol and Eric Topol.

The Heart Rhythm Society hrsonline.org has a section entitled "Patient Resources" that presents extensive information about symptoms, treatments, etc.

The Journal of Atrial Fibrillation jafib.com is the professional peer-reviewed journal for researchers whose Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Andrea Natale. An exciting new addition to jab.com is its "Atrial Fibrillation Treasure Chest"... videos and lectures on topics related to afib. Check it out!


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Thanks Tim, two new ones there for me to delve into and explore, and of course add to my bookmark list. Jafib and scholar-google both new to me

Thank you



ty Tim...


What a treasure chest of resources, thanks Tim.




Thank you Timx