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A new treatment for AF on the horizon

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I have just seen an article about a new treatment for AF in the pipeline. It has many stages to go through before being launched in 2024. It sounds similar to Ablation.

The company’s treatment is called mPEF – micro-pulsed electric field.

''“In a nutshell, we have developed a technology that selectively targets the origin of the problem from outside rather than inside the heart and that’s very novel,” says AtriAN Medical co-founder and chief executive Ken Coffey. “Our technology involves using a catheter to deliver short pulses of electrical energy into the clusters of neuronal cells in which the arrhythmia originates. It destroys these cells without damaging the heart muscle and as such will provide a safe, durable and long-term solution for the treatment of AFib''


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"a safe, durable and long-term solution for the treatment of AFib" - Spot on!

This sounds identical to the tech being developed by Iowa Approach (who just raised another $18m this year (total $32m raised to date this last 6 years):



The EP who did my ablation is heavily involved with this and is very excited about it.

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doodle68 in reply to MikeyF

Hello Mickey :-) do you mind if I post a clickable link to you articles.


Very interesting thank you.


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MikeyF in reply to doodle68

Thank you! I thought I knew how to do that but clearly not!

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CDreamer in reply to MikeyF

Omit the http prefix - it’s the way the web now works which has changed.

Oh that sounds great. Wish it was sooner than 5 years though

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dmac4646 in reply to Redders

May get speeded up if it continues to show promise and more £££and $$$ get pumped in as its a great opportunity for investors if it can deliver.

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Ianc2 in reply to dmac4646

Euro's - Ireland is a member of the European Community and they are sponsoring this research. Hopefully they will make great process.

Fingers and toes crossed - more hope for younger sufferers as techniques and ideas like this develop . . .

Thanks good news very welcome and appreciate your time.

My mother has had afib for over 25 yrs. Now she has afib and tachycardia. Boy , could she have used something like this to give her relief a long time ago.

Fantastic news I had an ablation in 2018 and ended up in an induced coma for three weeks so this external procedure sounds a much better way my heart bled out and swelled to the stage that I needed a tampanard.

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doodle68 in reply to Cookery1960

Hi Cookery :-) that sounds like a horrible experience, I hope you are doing well now.

I posted this thread back in in 2018, since then In 2019 Atrian Medical raised €2.3m in seed funding and the first patient trials of the treatment are due to take place this year details below....


A few days ago Jennydog started a thread about a new treatment for VT...


I understand Dr. Asirvatham an electrophysiologist at Mayo Clinic in the USA is involved with both these new forms of treatment, he has some very interesting ideas about the causes and treatment of AF .

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