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Hi all, I wonder if anybody is on flecainide, I had an ablation 10 weeks ago which was unsuccessful and I was told on discharge that I would have a second within 8 to 10 weeks, unfortunately I haven,t got any further with a date for it however, because I,m due to go on holiday abroad in June, the Dr says I may have to go onto flecainide. I,d be grateful if I can get any information on this drug, I'm already on warfarin and digoxin. I'm in permanent AF with a heart beat of 162, this hasn't changed since the ablation. I'm very tired most of the time and I find it impossible to do any exercise. Many thanks.

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I know many who take Flecainide. Some on a daily basis and others as the "pill in the pocket".

Most I know have little problem with it. I was tried on it a few years ago and it made me very tired so I switched to propafenone. I have seen many who did well and controlled their AF with Flecainide. Hope it works for you. Having permanent AF with a pulse that high needs to be fixed.



Hi Kimmieblue the AF Association website has a fact sheet regarding flecainide which can be found here:


I have been taking Flecainide 50 mg twice a day for 11 years with no side effects. It has not stopped the PAF but seems to control it to a certain extent as I usually have an episode every few months.


Hello Kimmieblue, I've been on Flecainide for over two years 100mg twice a day and recently started Warfarin. The flec keeps me in sinus rhythm. It is for rhythm control rather than rate control (digoxin should help with reducing rate). I have had no side effects of which I'm aware. You must be tired with such a fast pulse. Hope they soon sort out a date for further treatment.


I came out of the cardiac unit in hospital last night, after having a severe AF attack. The cardiologist said to increase the flecainide to 50mg in the morning and 2 x 50mg at night, as it is always at night when I get an attack, with the option of taking another tablet should an attack happen. The cardiologist explained my condition, I asked about the long term effects of flecainide and he said that he had been prescribing it for years and that he thought it was a safe and the best drug to take (for me) he also said that if he had AF he would put himself on flecainide, so I'm going to pop my pills and get on with my life! Good luck to you.


Many, many thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply to my blog. I am relieved and not so worried now. This site is amazing for advice and information. I hope you are all managing your symptoms as its so debilitating. Rupert I hope you feel better soon after that attack. Thank you all again.


Hi I am new to this but am finding the information very useful. I have only heard good reports about flecainide and even have a friend who has been on it successfully for some time.

I am the only one I have heard of who had problems with this drug. I had a dreadful time with it and fortunately my GP had the foresight to have a liver function test done to find that the results were hugely above normal and took me off it immediately. I am also intolerant of Amiodarone.

Am now on Sotalol and Digoxin and anticoagulant but so wish it wasn't necessary

Good luck



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